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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on Orion and Scorpio

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What an amazing story about the constellation, these two, Orion and Scorpio in particular. It really grips the imagination, but so does your description of the awakening of nature after the Winter. I see happening it here on the Highveld, the towns, the cities. Different to the bush, but also beautiful. The fresh green of new leaves, blossoms and suburban gardens all bursting with colour. The little birds that are building nests in preparation for the new life. We do live in a diverse but beautiful country.

Hi Babs, thank you for reading! I am glad you enjoyed it. And yes, it doesn’t matter where you are, watching spring bring everything back to life is incredible.

Kyle, Thanks for sharing such an awesome story. Terri and I just returned from Greece and Turkey and enjoyed hearing so many other stories of the Greek gods of long ago. It was hard to turn a corner without having someone tell us another story related to the Greek gods!

I would have loved to hear some of those stories. I find them fascinating!

Kyle the first rains is the beginning of something quite extra ordinary. The grass and flowers begin to come alive. The animals also become more energetic and move more swiftly, the birds in the air sound their beautiful chorus of happiness. It is truely magic when the first rains fall and everything transforms from browns to greens.

Spring is such a. magical time of year, Valmai. Thanks for reading!

What an amazing lesson on mythology and constellations! It was passionate and fun to read! Thank you

Thanks so much Francesa, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Senior Digital Ranger

Loved this post. Both the poetry in your description of the Earth’s awakening snd the riveting tale of Orion and Scorpio. I hadn’t heard that tale before. 🙏🏿

Thank you so much, Johanna. It was a lot of fun to write.

You have told the story of the scorpion and Orion so well! Thank you.
I can’t remember having ever heard this story; really fascinating.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, Christa!

Kyle, thank you for retelling the story of Orion and Scorpio. Fascinating greek history and mythology.

Thanks for reading, William!

You have an intriguing ability to bring stories to life. your readers are drawn into the story through your colorful, well crafted descriptions. You have a real way with words. Bravo!!!!❤️🎉

You have an intriguing ability to bring stories to life. your readers are drawn into the story through your colorful, well crafted descriptions. You have a real way with words. Bravo!!!!❤️🎉. It looks like you are having fun doing star trails!!

Hi Bob, those weren’t my star trails but I have definitely been doing a few of my own! Still have a few kinks to work out. Thanks for having a read!

Beautiful photos and an incredible recounting of the Orion/Gaia myth. Thanks Kyle, and excited to see what the change of seasons brings!!

Thanks so much, Paul! It was a lot of fun to write.

What a wonderful fable describing how the constellations Orion and Scorpio were placed in the sky. Living in the northern hemisphere we don’t see Scorpio, unless one lives in the southern section, but Orion is visible at times. Your love of spring is apparent in your descriptive words. As you describe the verdant colors of the trees and foliage, the returning migratory birds, and even the insects crawling out from their winter burrows, I’m now seeing the turning of the leaves and their subsequent falling to the earth, forming a wonderful pillow of brown, yellow and orange hues. Hopefully as we move into winter the rains will return to fill the reservoirs and hydrate the vegetation, as will your summer rains. I’m certain we’ll see future blogs highlighting the the best of spring and summer.

Hi Denise, I am sure you will see more blogs of the seasons’ changes coming up for sure! It’s a very special time of year as the bush comes alive again. I love it.

What a great bit of storytelling! I should’ve liked to hear it around the campfire gazing up at the very constellations.

Thanks, Kara, maybe next time you’ll be here! Telling stories like this is the best way to pass an evening.

Senior Digital Ranger

Fascinating myth. Thanks for sharing! I love the night sky in Africa because there is so much to see.

Thanks Paul, there really is nothing like the African sky at night!

Gaia is very angry again.


So the Scorpius never killed Orion?? anyways I’ll tell you how I ended up on this article coz you’ll find it interesting, I watch Vedic astrology videos and nakshatras, my boyfriend moon is in this nakshatra called jyeshta that is a Scorpio zodiac in Vedic.. jyeshta is ruled by Antares which is the heart of the Scorpius, and my moon falls in to this nakshatra called Ardra ruled by beteleguse which we find in constellation Orion, Vedic astrologers advice these two nakshatras to stay away from each other because they bring the worst in each other, which I found to be true so true that it’s fascinating, so this story of Orion and Scorpius actually makes sense, FYI ..Ardra is ruled by this Lord called Rudra the destroyer who is a hunter and is Lord of animals, I don’t think Orion meant it when he said he’d kill all animals, coz in this mythology of nakshatras we actually see Rudra asking he wanting to be the Lord of animals, Rudra is the fierce form of Shiva, in the mythology..shiva lived in the mountains in Himalayan, and jyeshta is ruled by Indra…Indra is king of Gods, if you want to know more about these two nakshatras, I’d recommend you check Dr Arjun pie on YouTube for Ardra nakshatra and jyeshta nakshatra, he has each nakshatras video separately, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting and fascinating. please let me know what you think if you check the videos thank you.

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