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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #558

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Senior Digital Ranger

Hard to choose. Zebra is my favorite along with the young giraffe laying down

Thanks so much, Sandra. Two great choices.

Hard to pick just one picture this week! The baby giraffe, the zebra or the croc.

This week was filled with some great imagery.

As always it is too hard to decide which photo I like best. They are all so great! This time, I think, I would chose the beautiful zebra because it looks just perfect. But, as I said, all of them are just so wonderful that I would love to be right there at Londolozi at this moment.

Thanks so much, Christa. The zebra shot is a fantastic one. If only you could be here right now, wouldn’t that be amazing.

Sean, We are excited to hear that Cheetah are becoming regular visitors! The images are all special, but our favorite is the Collared Sunbird image from you!

Indeed they are becoming regular features of our game drives. Thanks so much, Michael and Terri.

Dan’s cheetahs drinking photo is my favorite this week. 😍👍🤩

That is a great choice, Marcia.

Kudos to the newest rangers that are really beginning to develop photography skills! And to James Souchon for training them!!! BTW, this is some of your best work Kirst!

It’s another terrific week of images Sean and I only wish I could be there to enjoy the last vestiges of winter, especially the beautiful skies with their inherent birds, dew and insects. My choice for most compelling image this week is Kirst’s elephant bull taking his dust bath. I love the sense of motion and seeing the whole animal. Cheers to another great week.

Thanks so much, Denise. It would be great if you were here. Kirst’s image is a great one indeed.

Sean, the shot of the intense stare of the leopard is the one I liked best this week. I think it was taken by Nick. Thanks for sharing TWIP.

Thanks so much, William. It is such a great image as it glances up. The lighting is stunning.

Hi Sean, such stunning foto’s again in the TWIP this week. My favorite image this week is the Pmague Rock Female with the light shining at eye level. What a stunning foto Sean!!! Loved the little giraffe lying down and resting, that is also something you do not always see.

Thanks so much, Valmai. Those are some great choices, I also enjoy the image of the Plaque Rock Female.

Master Tracker

Nick Tennick’s superb leopard photo and the croc with leg of impala …

Both would make my wall.

Glad to see the side striped jackal , quite rare in the Kruger I suspect.

But finally, wot no caracal ?

Best wishes and I always look forward to Friday and TWIP

Thanks so much, Ian. The two images you chose are fantastic ones indeed. we are beginning to see the side-striped jackal more often now. And sadly, no caracal, yet!

I was in between cheetah andthe aloe with dewdrops but when I saw the Plaque Rock Female in black and white I thought it’s number one this week! All beautiful and intense pictures anyway

Thanks so much, Francesca. The image of the Plaque Rock Female is a lovely one.

Wonderful photos! The black and white of the Plaque Rock female by Dan is particularly stunning!

Thanks so much, Holly. It is a great shot.

Some amazing captures this week. Strangely, perhaps, I was taken with the image of the croc with the impala leg in the mouth; the water so crisp and fluid, the teeth so awesome and that slice of prehistoric tail! Wow!

Thanks so much, Mary Beth. The picture of the crocodile is still a stunning shot, albeit a bit gory.

Man Sean, the light in all of these images is as remarkable as the images themselves!!

Thanks so much, Paul. There are some fantastic images and yes indeed the lighting has been exceptional.

Digital Tracker

Wow guys!! You do not make this easy for us!!! Wow, the cheetah and leopard pics this week are breathtaking!
Ok so my vote is for…ah so hard…the mum and her cub drinking at the water, followed closely by the squirrel on the tree and the cheetah gazing out – so beautiful!!!

Thanks so much, Carly. The cheetah sightings of late have been so great.

Loved the squirrel in the leadwood. Naturally framed

It is such a great shot highlighting the textures of the leadwood.

The Black and white Plaque Rock Female is stunning! Counting the days till I am back like a kid at Christmas less then 2 weeks to go!!

That is so exciting. We look forward to having you back here.

Great variety this week! I loved the sunbird, squirrel, young giraffe and was surprised to see the jackal, too. Fantastic as always.

Difficult choice as usual, but I was impressed with Nick’s capture of the intensity of the leopard!

I am away from the bushveld at the moment & i am missing the bushveld essence! I enjoy ALL your pictures & the leopards just that little extra.

Thank you so much, I am glad that you enjoy them all.

My favorite part of these photos? I have seen both Plaque Rock and Flat Rock on Londolozi myself! Glad to see that both are doing well… fact, I adore Flat Rock for being such a great daddy (to Nkuwa and Finfoot, back in 2019) and superb dominant male leopard.

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