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Xinzele 4:4 Female

Xinzele 4:4 Female

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on Another Exciting Leopard Update: The Xinzele Female has Cubs

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Senior Digital Ranger

Amazing footage-thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much, Marc.

Sean, Thanks for sharing this story! The images are beautiful and the video was captivating. We loved how the Xinzele Female was so tentative in the mud. We saw her mother (who is beautiful too!) on our visit in 2019 and didn’t know she had a successful cub!

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri. The Xinzele Female is stunning, very much like her mother was. They in fact have the exact same spot pattern on their cheeks, so it became fairly difficult to tell them apart unless you focused on the signs of ageing on the mother.

Wow! Londolozi has become a nursery school for leopard cubs. Striking image of the Xinzele Female’s eyes.
Never really noticed how “active” a tail is.

We are spoilt at the moment with the number of young cubs running around. We just hope that a few of these young cubs survive to independence. The Xinzele Female’s eyes are intense and that is such a striking image of her.
A leopard’s tail is never still.

Master Tracker


Thanks, Ian.

This is a very exciting development Sean, and the footage is amazing! The capture of the mother leopard’s leap was as graceful as it was stunning!!!

Thank you so much, Paul. We have been very lucky to be in the right place at the right time and have the ability to capture some amazing moments.

Such good news Sean and I’m sure you are all excited about these little beauties of the Xinzele females cubs. Mom has her work cut out for her, no rest for her. Gorgeous video showing the cubs so beautifully. The scenery there in the North is so beautiful.

It is such great news, Valmai. The north is stunning and now that we have the reason of going searching for the Xinzele Female and her cubs, it is even more attractive.

Beautiful sighting Sean, thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much, William.

How exciting to have another leopard denning on Londolozi! We saw Xinzele during our visit in April, a real beauty. Any thoughts in the likely father?

It is indeed a very exciting development to have another female leopard denning on Londolozi. She is a stunning leopard. The father is likely to be the Flat Rock Male as the Xinzele Female falls right within his territory.

I’m speechless – another female with cubs! There’s certainly been a baby boom as of late. In my opinion, In my opinion, I think she’s the most beautiful of the current roster of females, like her mother who I saw in 2018. I have many photos of the Ingrid Dam female and her daughter is a carbon copy of o place their photos side by side. Is it true Nkuwa had cubs possibly fathered by Hosana? It’s a shame what happened to him. Thank you for the video, especially the bit where she “pussyfooted” in the mud before the jump!

There is indeed a baby boom happening at Londolozi. We believe that the Nkuwa Female’s cubs were fathered by the Hosana Male.

Any idea who the father might be?

We presume the father to be the Flat Rock Male as the Xinzele Female’s territory is slap bang in the middle of the Flat Rock Male’s territory.

Wow, this is really fantastic news: another mother and cubs. They are just so super cute. And the mother is a real beauty! How lucky you are with so many tiny leopards.
The video is great: How she tries to avoid getting her paws muddy. Thanks for the wonderful photos and video.

Indeed some more great news coming out of Londolozi. We are thrilled to have another leopard den here. Thank you so much, Christa.

Wonderful photos Sean. Definitely a stunningly beautiful area. Loved the video clip. Another two cubs to add to the “Leopards of Londolozi”.

Thank you so much, Jennifer. It is so stunning in the north and very exciting that we have some more tiny cubs on Londolozi.

Both mother and cubs have a wonderful rosettes pattern, she is slender and powerful and has a lovely face and eyes. Three real beauties, too cute cubs! I can’t stop looking at them they are real jewels

Thank you so much, Francesca. They are real beauties indeed.

I love seeing Xinzele again……first saw her in July 2019 as a young female and thought that she was quite the beauty (like her big sister Xidulu, too). Hope that she does well with this litter of sweeties! And PLEASE grab some scat from Nkuwa’s little cubbie as soon as anyone can! We would love to have some Panthera DNA data on this cub!

Love these pictures Sean, leopard cubs are always adorable! She has lost one of the cubs sadly since then. The cubs’ could be fathered by the Tortoise Pan Male as she was seen mating with him a few months back (followed him as far north as the Djuma property).

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