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Ashleigh grew up in a small mining town in the Northern Cape and then moved on to Stellenbosch for High School and University. She studied BA Social Dynamics (Politics, Philosophy and English) and after completing her degree went overseas to Taiwan to teach ...

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on The Frogs of Founders Camp

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Hey Ash, we look forward to a frog “lesson” when we visit next August!

Vin! I so look forward to see the two of you. Not long to go now.

Terrific article Ashleigh!

Denise, thank you very much. Usually the content for rangers but it was lovely getting into the ins and outs of these cute little things.

Ashleigh what a great blog. I love frogs! I have 4 frog ponds at my home. When I think of Africa, and Londolozi, I don’t think of frogs; elephants, leopards, lions, zebras etc but not frogs. I’m thrilled that Londolozi has resident frogs and I love the names they have been given. Your infographic outlining the differences between frogs and toads is brilliant and actually easier to remember than the info given in the table below it. Thanks for writing about the little inhabitants of Londolozi.

Thank you, Jennifer. I thought the infographic (or spider diagram) fitting to help me remember all the facts I’d learnt based on my constant interaction with the frogs. Your four frog ponds sound marvellous. I am sure you get all kinds of frogs/toads there.
I am all too happy to have reminded you that Londolozi is home to a plethora of wildlife- zebras, leopards, buffalo and frogs included!

A wonderful blog and another reminder that being at Londolozi is truly about all creatures both great and small.

Jeff! Great and small indeed.
Thank you.

Ashleigh, What a fun post! Thanks for reminding us about the little creatures that abound at Londolozi and how we can’t wait to return to Founders Camp!

It is my pleasure!
The frogs will be there to greet you on arrival, I have no doubt.

Ash your story on frogs and toads is very interesting, thanks for giving us the difference between the frogs
and toads. Founders Camp sound like just the right place to be. The painted Reed frog that changes colour is phenomenal. Good game for kids to find the frogs and toads in silence, teaches them to be quiet and vigilant in finding them. Well planned game for the kids.

Thank you! Being a kindergarten teacher prior to arriving at Londolozi has helped come up with such games. To let you in on a secret, finding the frogs during Hide and Go Seek is one of my favourite things to do when on deck!

Love this post Ashleigh!! I’ve always wondered about the differences between gringa and toads, and this story of your Founders Camp grogs was a delight!!

Thank you very much Paul, much appreciated. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

A wonderful article on these little creatures.

Thank you, Christa!

I loved your photos and the great information you provided! Thank you.

Thank you, Barbara.

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