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on Birds by Londolozi Guest- Tony Goldman

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Hello Anthony,Although I follow you on Facebook and seen the majority of these images, it’s wonderful to see them as a presentation. It appears the best way to capture these shots is with a long lens, and I know you usually hand hold that 600 mm beast. Bravo and thank you for sharing!

Thanks for posting these beautiful bird photos! 💗🤩🥰 that fish Eagle…

Tony, You’ve done it again! Your images are just amazing! It’s impossible to pick a favorite – every bird is a piece of art! Thanks so much for sharing!

Best regards always from your Sarasota neighbors!

Anthony your foto’s are absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for sharing them with us. You must also have an incredible camera with a long lens to be able to take such stunning photographs. Each and every bird is beautiful in it’s own right, displaying the most stunning colours.

Hello Tony, I love your pictures of the different birds! So beautiful! So artistic!
Birds are not only beautiful they also sing wonderful! They must belong to heaven in dubbel meaning…
One that is very beautiful is the little Bee-Eater. I would like to see and hear the Fork-tailed Drongo. That is a very smart one. As you know this little bird can mimic many calls, each with a specific function such as increasing its chances of feeding or protecting itself. Bruce Arnott wrote that once in a very good way.
It is of course very difficult to choose a favourite when their are so many beautiful and smart birds out their, but I want to ask you if you have any favourite ones?
Thank you for sharing!

My favorites are the Sunbirds and the Lilac Breasted Rollers

I can understand that! So beautiful!!

Tony once again I am in awe of your stunning photos. Each shot blew me away and I can’t, try as I might, nominate a favourite: the engineering on display in the wings of the fish eagle about to take flight is breathtaking; the look in the eye of the Paradise Flycatcher; the softness and serenity of the shy flycatcher and the amazing composition and colours in the African Green Pigeon shot (definitely a Christmas card photo). Wow! Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful photos by Tony Goldman! Thanks for sharing!

These bird photos by Tony Goldman are just stunning. Wonderful! I myself also try to take lots of bird photos and appreciate these wonderful photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

It’s hard for me to believe that we were at Londolozi at the same time! I saw only a fraction of the birds you shot! Guess I’ll need to sharpen my birding skills next year! And, of course, your images are stunning!

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I absolutely love birds! Such a beautiful collection of photos here! They’re all so pretty in their own, unique way!

They are all gorgeous and compliments to the photographer! As I love ducks and geese ducks are my favourite along with the pigeon and the flycatchers. But they are all super

Thanks everyone for the kind comments .

These bird photographs are stunning. I especially like the Fish eagle. Give Tony a big congratulations on his work.

Some absolutely beautiful shots of the birds – love them all and thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing these incredibly beautiful vibrant pictures of each bird. All are amazing, but oh my goodness the Bataleur!

Thank you for sharing these incredible pictures of each amazing bird. To choose a favourite is so difficult, but oh my goodness …… the Bataleur.

Tony, your photos are as fabulous as always. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I have to go for the African fish eagle about to take flight – I’ve never seen an image like this before, simply stunning.

Love this collection! I never tire of birds.

Your bird photos never cease to amaze me. When photographing do you stay in one place for a while to see who might stop by or do you keep moving? I always seem to see more birds when I don’t have my camera!

Beautiful pictures!

Stunning photos!!! We really loved them all. Thank you!

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