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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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Tortoise Pan 4:3 Male

Tortoise Pan 4:3 Male

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At less than a year old, Kirst went to her family’s hut in the Greater Kruger National Park, and has been fortunate enough to continue to go there ever since. Sharing a passion for the bush with her family, led to countless trips ...

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on The Return of the Ndzanzeni Female?

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Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for the update. Good to hear she’s around and in good health and of course fingers crossed for her cub(s).

Great comeback for the Ndzanzeni Female and another hunt for leopard cubs!

Hooray for this unbelievable lady! I’m so glad for her and her lineage to go on, she has been very unlucky but managed to go through all, I hope this time she will have her litter growing

Great that you have found this lovely leopard again and not only in good health but probably with cubs. Hopefully she can manage to raise them this time.

It was a long search but awesome to finally spot her. Nice too that she posed so beautifully atop that red-orange termite mound! Any news on the cubs?

Thank you so much Kirst. I was thrilled when Sean mentioned the suckle marks last week on the blog and it’s wonderful to hear how well she looks. She is my no 1 favourite, having seen her at 4 weeks old and then again over 4 years later suckling Tortoise Pan. All my fingers and toes crossed she has better luck raising cubs this time than over the last 5-6 years.

Thanks for the update Kirst. It is good to know that she may have new cubs and that she is in good condition.

So good to see that Ndzanzeni female is not limping anymore, and even better news that she has cubs. She is such stunning leoparddess and her lineage must go forward. Mashaba female is also my favorite leopard and it seems that she is protecting her territory.

Kirst, it was good to read your update today about the Ndzanzeni female. I do remember reading a blog some time ago reporting that the Tortoise Pan male, almost independent, had been sighted after making a kill and shared it with his mother. A bit out of character I believe for leopards.
After suffering an injured back leg and then a nasty gash, I’m glad you report she looks in good form and has the evidence of birthing cubs recently. How wonderful would it be if she can raise at least one cub again?! It’s great to read another one of your blogs.

Such great news! Let’s hope she is able to raise a daughter to independence so the bloodline can continue. 🙏🏼

Wow! That sounds good!

Master Tracker

Great blog

David’s photo is brilliant

So wonderful to hear a story of success and renewal with these leopards……we have been seeing Tortoise Pan up north on Djuma, and we are delighted to see his success as a dominant male!

Thanks so much for this Kirst! She is hard to get updates on but any and all are much appreciated! According to one of the guides from Umkumbe, the female cub is believed to have been killed by a hyena.

So happy for the good news!! Would your group have intervened to help save her if her condition had gotten worse. If not why not? What is the difference between your group and one that would intervene in the interest of saving/helping the species?

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