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Tayla grew up largely on a farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, where she developed her love for nature. After completing school she spent time in Botswana before studying EcoTourism management in Pretoria, which served as a springboard into a guiding career at Phinda ...

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on The Butterfly Effect – How Birds Led Us To An Amazing Sighting

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I love this, the “Butterfly Effect” and will remember it going forward. You’re so correct, it’s the little things that can ultimately bring us great joy, and good sightings!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great experience! I love the way that warthogs run through the bush with their progeny in a line behind them trotting to keep up. A few years ago when I was driving through the bush to get to the farm at Makapansgat, a mother and three babies trotted right across my path about ten feet in front of my vehicle. Thanks for the memory!

Hello Tayla, I really enjoyed reading your blog today. Beautiful written! If one has patience and are looking and listning… one never knowes what one might see… Small things or signs can be of great importence. Thank you for charing!

Beautiful photos of the pigeons, the lions, the butterfly and that cute one of the warthog with its mouth half open.
Thanks for this great article.

Tayla the green pigeons are beautiful and quite big. Very glad the warthog got away and lives m one more day. Lions are always a pleasure to see, as the stunning butterfly.

Very cool Tayla! I love the synchronicity of this series of events, and how without any one of them, the experience would not have been at all the same!

A split second change in plans, or quick delay for a bush loo break, or stopping to admire the views, or turning right instead of left, or taking a minute by a dam to ponder the day’s intense tracking/search for a specific male leopard (Hosana) leading to a first time sighting of that specific leopard’s likely young cub/offspring (Mzemba)…….all of these lucky bush breaks are to be treasured!

Senior Digital Ranger

A beautifully described blog of a bush experience – the lions and green pigeons all fluffed out look rather chilly which sets the scene and the expression on the lioness face as she locked onto the distant prey is brilliant! Thanks for capturing these moments Tayla – felt as though I was actually there.

Beautiful article. We should bear in mind that our own actions ripple; all is connected.

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