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Barry grew up in Johannesburg and knew from a young age that he had a true love for the African bush yet it was only after spending several years in the corporate world in Europe, followed by a two year sabbatical of traveling ...

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on The Success of a Mother Cheetah

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Wonderful pictures of the Cheetah mother and her cub. Thanks for sharing Barry. I hope she is successful in raising her cub.

Thanks William. We all hope so too.

This story of success is wonderful, Barry. Amazing photos of the two, mother and cub.
Wish I could see them.

Hi Christa, I hope you get to see them on your next trip to Londolozi!

Thanks for this cheetah post and the accompanying outstanding photos! In addition to the “winner”photo from a prior TWIP, both Tristan’s Mom & cub and Barry’s giraffe, zebra, cheetah are really beautiful. 🙏🏻🤩💗

Hi Marcia, thank you so much! The two cheetahs have given the team some excellent photographic opportunities of late.

I just love cheetahs. I’ve seen quite a few on my safaris, but I’ve never seen young cubs. The cubs I’ve seen were always almost fullgrown. They were a treat too and wonderful to know that their mother had been succesful at getting them there, but I really hope to watch and photograph young cubs sometime.

Hi Betty-Lou, small cheetah cubs are very rare to see. Even with our team out on game drives every day we still only come across them once in a while. I do hope that on one of your next safaris you have lady luck on your side to get to experience a sighting like that.

Hi Barry, the cub has grown up so quickly. It is wonderful that she raised at least one cub to a year old, seeing that it is so dangerous for any predator cubs. Just like the leopards and lions the Cheetah have to always be on the look out for other predators just waiting in wings. Cubs are so gorgeous and so precious and be are so fortunate to be able to see them on the blog. Thanks for the beautiful foto’s.

Hi Valmai, the cub has indeed grown up so quickly and you’re right they are so gorgeous and precious! Glad you enjoyed the photos too.

Cheetah are the most graceful big cats, I love them, every single view of such rare and delicate cats are a joy! I understand the cub is a female, so she will likely add more cheetah to Londolozi… there are far too many threats from humans to those big cats, they deserve support and protection. What a delightful view!

Hi Francesca, I love cheetahs. They are my absolute favourite! There are many threats but thankfully the reserve we are in is certainly a great place for them to be safe and to raise their cubs.

This is a super exciting post Barry! I love the cheetahs and it sounds like an amazing chance-sighting with the giraffes and zebras. Looking forward to hearing how they fare going forward.

Thanks Paul, the sighting with all the zebra and giraffe certainly was one for the books!

Barry is this the same female Cheetah who was raising two sub-adults last year?

Hi Adam, we believe it is her. We last saw her last year leaving our property heading east and she turned up a few months later without the two subadults on our southern boundary.

Senior Digital Ranger

I absolutely love cheetahs. Let’s hope mother and daughter will continue to prosper.

Hi Lisa, me too…I love them!

I’m so envious of the sittings of the cheetahs! Absolutely my favorite African predator and profoundly hope to see in the wild some day. Good job, trackers. What an exciting day.

Hi Carolyn, they areally are one of the best animals to view out here. I too hope you will get to see them one day!

Hi Barry,
You gave us such an amazing article and photos of the most beautiful cat – the cheetah. The cubs are so sweet looking with their furry backs and of course, their trademark “tear lines”. They are difficult to spit in many places and I’ve yet to see one in SabiSand after a half dozen visits. Next time!! I’ve watch several documentaries telling the stories of different cheetahs in eastern and Southern Africa, and it’s always a triumphant moment to learn that the female has managed to raise her cubs to independence, the last story that three females and one male survived and left to begin new lives. Hopefully you’ll have more sightings of this duo.

Hi Denise, they truly are one of the most beautiful wild cats. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the blog and I hope for you that you will get to see this duo the next time you are here at Londolozi.

The cheetahs are beauties and so so special to see! Hope that they stay safe from lions and leopards….

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