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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #546

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Hi Sean these foto’s are absolutely stunning and it is hard to choose one foto as being my favorite. I took a long time looking at all and decided the foto of the buffalo bull is my favorite this week. I love the light on the one side of his face and you can see his eyes so clearly. Such a huge animal and look at those horns. Stunning foto’s of the leopards as well.

Sean and team, In spite of the rains, you got some amazing images! We loved the shots of the chameleon and Plaque Rock Female, but our favorite photo is the Nkoveni Young Females playing in mid-air!

This was an amazing week in pictures! I think they all stand out as beautiful and awesome.

Amazing set of images, every one a keeper. I would have to say the Verraux’s Eagle is my favorite. Unfortunately I did not get to see/photograph one while at Londolozi, but will hope for better luck in the future.

Once again your photos of this week are absolutely splendid! The leopards are just so beautiful. Admirable, those sub adult cubs.
Stunning sunrises, the wonderful picture of the chameleon, the fantastic pictures of birds and the golden light on the wild dog and the buffalo are also so beautiful. Congratulations! to all the photographers.

Yawning leopards (or any cat) are always wonderful (which one was it?) – but I just can’t decide between Patrick’s 1st image of the Nkoveni sisters playing and yours of the Flat Rock coming down the tree (prefer the colour image) for my favourite.

Sean as always you have given us a fabulous picture of the Londolozi. I adore the birds like the lilac crested roller and all the other birds you see everyday. We are hoping to make it to Londolozi in January 2023 . Take care! Victoria

Couple of things, Sean:
-Your sunrise photos are always spectacular. Love winter sunrises! Great job with the stitching!
-Glad to see an Avoca male after some time without hearing about them
-Please identify the lion cubs.

Sean, my favorite picture is the Avoca male laying in the sand. He looks so peaceful. The best picture for me is the Kingfisher and all the detail about her.

Wow!! Great week of photos!! Hard to pick a favorite, but the Nkoveni Young Females at play bring immediate joy!!

First off, my vote this week goes to Matt for his stunning portrait of the Ximungwe young male lounging on the dead tree trunk. As a second, the playful Nkoveni females are right behind, but in saying that, all the photos are winners! It’s rather impressive that to date Londolozi has potentially 4 young leopards that have reached the stage where they could go out on their own. Good mothering and instincts! So the Ndhzenga brothers seem to be wandering, splitting up as a pair or a single but two have injuries…. Also I read where a pride of lions from Kruger have moved into the area south of you causing the Ndhzenga group to scatter and move further north. Any idea on where the last Birmingham male has landed? Great work everyone!!

Love Matt’s wild dog image. I find them tough to photograph as they’re always moving; this one captures their intensity.

Hello Sean, Thank you for the week in picture. My favorites are the image of one of the Northern Avoca Males that rests in the soft river sand, the picture of the wild dog, the Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, beautiful image of a large buffalo bull and finally the female Giant kingfisher… Thank you for sharing!

Hi Sean! The Ximungwe young male is a real king, imposing! The Nkoveni young females are clowns! So funny to look at! The Three River female is a Lady. All leopards are gorgeous and a joy . The Avoca male is handsome and looks very relaxed. Sweet lion cubs… birds are stunning. The male buffalo is impressive, it must be a bit uneasy to feel his look upon you! The female elephant is a honest indication of an excellent health of the species I’m so glad she has such impressive tusks! The sunset closes all those charming images with a touch of poetry…

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Super photos again this week thank you very much team. Favourite has to be the first pic of the Nkoveni young females mid-air followed by the Ximungwe young male looking down at him Mom while chewing on the stump, followed by the Wild Dog followed by the Buffalo in the lovely afternoon light followed by….oh my word they are all beautiful.

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Beautiful pics! The sunrises are stunning!!

Fabulous photos! If we have to pick one, we will pick the Nkoveni young females play fighting as they stand on their back legs. Terrific capture! TWIP was outstanding this week! Thanks for sharing!

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