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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #111

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Good to hear the Ntsevu pride were reunited. The lion dynamics seem to be ever changing, but would it be possible to do an overview of which lions are where – when I came in November I saw the Mhangeni pride and there were 8 of them. I’m wondering if they’re still around?

It was such a relief to see all of them together again. We haven’t heard much about the Mhangeni Pride of late. I will ask around and see where they have been and how they are all doing.

Great news the 4th cub is back! Thank you for updating. Definitely put some tears in my eyes.

It was a relief that the little one is back with the rest of the pride.

I am so relieved to hear that the 4th cub had been found and eaten on the zebra kill. Good to see the sub adults eating as well.

I agree, we were delighted that the little one had reunited with the pride.

Great viewing of the sub adults lions feeding. Thanks Sean for posting this one.

Thank you so much, William.

Amazing that the “missing” cub survived and was able to reunite with the othera. Enjoying the occasional slo-mo which captures the agility and strength, in this case, of both the lion & hyena.

We were so relieved that the little one managed to reunite with the rest of the pride. I love the slow-motion videos, as you say it really allows you to notice the strength and agility of both animals.

It‘s great that all four cubs are with their mothers now, though the youngest one doesn‘t look very healthy. Do you think it might survive?
The Ntsevu young adults seem to have strong bonds because they are so friendly with each other. I had expected a lot of growling over that meal.
Great video!

I think the young cub will survive. It had just spent nearly a week by itself roaming the reserve where it would have probably eaten very little. So after a few good feeds it should recover.

That was a fantastic video today Sean! It was good to see the little ones enjoying their zebra meal before the male sub adults arrived. I found it interesting that after chewing on the rib bones, the first male grabbed the carcass and turned it 180 degrees. Was that to expose more meat? It was certainly an exciting Sunday virtual safari drive!

Thank you so much, Denise. I think it was to expose more meat or maybe get a better angle in order to bite off the meat.

Thank you! Any news on the Nzhenga boys and the Birmingham guy?

The Ndzhenga Males have been around and about between us and Mala Mala. THe Birmingham Male has moved a lot further west.

Senior Digital Ranger

That slow motion shot was spectacular. To see the musculature system at it’s peak-wow! Also heart warming about the Cubs and then to see the sub-adults turning into such handsome lions and the closeness they are maintaining. Pulling strongly for all of the Birmingham Cubs. Is the last Birmingham male still around or has he disappeared too. The end of these magnificent legacies is so sad.

Thank you so much, Johanna. It was great to see that interaction with the lions and hyenas. The Birmingham Male has been seen very far west from Londolozi now, making us question whether we will ever see him again back here.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for the update. I’m so glad the fourth cub was reunited with its pride. I truly hope that each and every one of them survive. Life is so difficult for these animals.
Any news on the young Tsalala female? – ‘Tsalala daughter’ as I like to call her.

We are also delighted that the fourth one is doing alright. No news of late on the Tsalala Female. Last I heard she was seen to the west of Londolozi but still doing well.

What a wow week Sean..though I had to watch the virtual safari on U tube for some reason…maybe its because I’m a few days behind ? Absolutely thrilled to see that the smaller cub has been reunited with the family. Hopefully he won’t stray again and will manage to regain some weight and strength to keep up with them all. Super further footage the following morning with the sub adults and hyena. A great end to the week for us ! Thanks so much for sharing Sean 👌🏻💗

It was such a relief that the cubs are all back together and with their mothers. It was rather exciting to see what had unfolded the morning after with the Sub-adults arriving on the scene.

I love ALL the videos and updates!!! The pictures ARE AMAZING!!!!!! My question in reference to the LIONS is about THE ONE TSALALA that is left!! Has anyone seen her OR is there ANY kind of an UPDATE on her??? Is SHE still ALIVE? Thanks SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, Suzanne. She was seen very briefly a couple of days ago and I believe that she is doing well.

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