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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on Three of The Big Five in One Unforgettable Scene

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What a fantastic drive that was for you and your guests Kyle! I can’t claim anything that thrilling involving three of the big five, but my sighting did include a kill – a cheetah mom who flew off a termite mound whilst her cubs crouched and watched as she had seen a lone Impala in the trees and went for it – victory and a meal for the three of them. It was my first experience witnessing that part of nature and the “circle of life” came to have true meaning.

Watching something like that is always something so special. Especially for the first time, it’s also not always easy!

Senior Digital Ranger

Did the bloody face lion get gored from the Buffalo?

Wow, so exhilarating! Nature sure has magic and power in big and small.

It does indeed, Karin! The rhino were hilarious as they shuffled nervously through the throng, by far the strongest of them all!

An action packed afternoon Kyle! I also very much like the quiet drives, where you get to see the little things, like white baby chameleons and so………

Hi Irene, I am so glad to hear you enjoy the small things! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, mother nature appreciates appreciation. Loving the smaller and more intricate parts of this world often leads to fantastic experiences in the larger!

What an incredibly exciting afternoon, Kyle!
You asked for a snippet of your readers’ favorite moment in the bush. I have had so many, it’s hard to say which one was the best. But actually I also had an experience with lions and buffalo. 6 young adults were sneaking up on a herd of buffalo. They were so patient that we already thought they had missed their chance when finally a last cow with her calf came along. They got the calf, the cow’s cries were heard and the herd returned to chase the lions off. Sadly the calf was already dead and eaten later by the lions after the herd had calmed down and vanished into the bush. It was really very sad when an old bull came back once more to check on the calf. He was standing there, I would say mourning, while the lions were devouring the calf.

That is such an intense sighting Christa! Lions hunting buffalo is always one of those “hallowed” sightings out here but seeing it play out is not always easy! It can be long, arduous, and even somewhat emotionally draining!

Lovely, wonderful photos and blog! The horns wall is impressive

Well done Kyle, another great job of storytelling giving us the feelings of being there with you and your guests! You really are a terrific storyteller!!! It is so much fun to read your blogs! Reminds us of the videos we shared with you and Sean of our interaction with Cape Buffaloes and lions when JV & Nick Kleer gave us a wild ride chasing the action! Perhaps someday Sean will share that with everyone!

Hi Bob and Lucy! Thank you for that, I do enjoy trying to relive the moments on “paper” and trying to convey those same emotions from the sighting, not always successfully but it’s fun to try! I remember those videos! That was a properly wild afternoon. I can’t say we had the heard stampeding passed us quite like that but it was very close to!

That was an incredible day! Wish I had been there!! Victoria

What an amazing day!! How lucky you were.

Kyle that was a wonderful afternoon full of excitement and adrenaline. I’m sure your guest enjoyed the whole drama unfolding in front of them. We were in Kruger one year at Biyamiti bush camp when we were walking around the camp, when we got to the fence there were about 3 hundred buffalo coming to drink water in the river. It was a see of these beautiful black bodies of the buffalo, grazing and drinking and slowly moving up the river. Their calls could be heard from afar. The next night we went down again and there were elephants all over and playing in the water. Too beautiful for words.

A big buffalo herd moving through a waterhole is always such a special thing to see. And then elephant too, absolute magic!

How incredible, Kyle! It is always an adventure each and every game drive! Great photos! 🥰

When you least expect it you get the perfect break and boy what a break that was for you and your guests Kyle !!! Can’t say I have ever witnessed more than 2 of the big 5 together and certainly not in hunting mode! Perhaps my most treasured sighting ever was in the Kruger, near Satara about 28 years ago. I took a back road not too far from the Camp which was dead quiet and came across 3 cheetah playing on a dead fallen tree trunk. They were right by the side of the road and I sat for as long as I could with them enjoying the scene all to myself. They were not in a hurry to leave and I had to rench myself away to make the Camp gate in time. Would have loved to have been able to stay with them far longer but as you say, had I chosen to take another route back to the camp, I would have missed this once in a life time sighting.

To have something like that to yourself must have been such a special experience, Cally! It’s a special thing to be able to just sit quietly by yourself and watch a scene like that unfold.

Our 3 of the big 5 experience involved 2 lions “relaxing”after a buffalo kill whem a herd of elephants approached and actually scared them off.
My most memorable event was a 2 hour stalk and capture of an impala by a cheetah which proceeded to instruct its 2 cubs how to finish the kill. Our pateince was rewarded.

Patience is always rewarded! Always give it another 15 minutes!

What an amazing sighting! THIS is what brings us back into the bush over and over again….

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