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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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Maxim's 5:3 Male

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Growing up in the small coastal town of Mtunzini afforded Matt a childhood of endless adventures and the freedom to explore the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the area. He thus developed his passion for wildlife at a young age. ...

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on An Update on the Three Rivers Female: Her Success Story Continues

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She’s exquisite and a brave good mum! Leopards seem to be luckier this year. The cub already has an imposing look, like an adult- keep my fingers crossed for both

You and I both Francesca!

Wonderful story Matt. It will be very exciting to monitor this leopard and her cub over the next year as the cub reaches independence. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks William! I love following their story. The cub is growing at a rate of knots! I wouldn’t be surprised if he is twice her size when he’s fully grown.

Great to get an update on the Three Rivers Female who has survived with her cub despite incredible odds.

We saw the Three Rivers female as a cub in 2018, playing with her late brother shortly before their mother’s death. We’re looking forward to seeing her and her son during our upcoming visit later this month!

I’m so happy you’re traveling to Londolozi later this month. I had hoped to return this year, also this month, but the complication after my shoulder replacement surgery hasn’t allowed for traveling, so….next year. Have a great time!

That’s really exciting Mary! It’s always special to watch their progress over the years. Looking forward to having you here. You’ll be proud of her!

This female leopard is really a beauty. It’s so nice to know that her cub is still alive and healthy. Let’s hope that he will make it to adulthood, this would be great.

Matt she is a beautiful leopardess and her son is growing up so quickly. She has done well to keep this cub alive and well feed. What is his name going to be?

Thanks for the reply Valmai. They do grow so fast, and he’s kept very well fed by his mother too! For the meantime, and while he is in the early stages of his independency he will be known as the Three Rivers Young Male. Once he establishes a territory, then a new name will be assigned to him based on a feature of his territory or something relative to him for example. It’s a discussion! 🙂

This is a nice follow up Matt on the saga of the 3 Rivers female. She looks petite in the photos and has such a beautiful face. As a first time mother, raising one cub to 7 months is commendable thus far, and hopefully he will make it to adulthood. Currently, there are a few leopard cubs that seem destined to become independent and one hopes they will be able to carve out territories within or near the Londolozi property.

Thanks for the reply Denise! She is a very small leopard, you’re quite right. I think being forced into early independence gave her some experience over other leopards that would have otherwise still been dependent on their mothers. Unfortunately for the cub there is some serious competition that he will have to deal with in order to establish a territory on Londolozi one day. One thing for sure though is that he too will be a very large male leopard, and a serious contender if he reaches adulthood.

Over the past two years all of you at Londolozi have brought great joy with your amazing blog. Thank you

Thanks so much Andrew! Really appreciate that. Glad you are enjoying following the blog!

Stunning blog with such beautiful photos.

Thanks so much Karin!

Fabulous update onthe Three Ruvers female Matt. She certainly is quite a remarkable leopard to have come so far and to be doing a grand job of raising her cub. I sincerely hope that the coming winter pans out well for them both and that she will not encounter any trouble….as there seems to be quite a bit out there going forward 🙏🏻. Fabulous photos Matt thanks 👌🏻❤️

Great article, Matt. I could tell it was you as soon as Terence’s name came up. I’m heading for Bali at the end of this month and will be back in South Africa by fall. I’ll check in on you for sure. Keep the excitement coming.

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