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Nick was a ranger at Londolozi from 2018 - 2022. He always had a love for nature. Growing up in Johannesburg, the annual family trip to the bush (particularly the Kruger Lowveld region of South Africa) became an escape from city life. When ...

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on In Celebration of ‘World Pangolin Day’

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Every day we welcome the dawn AND the Londolozi Blog.
We are grateful for both.
The Londolozi Blog is a treasure. Delightful images and articles.
VIVA Londolozi

Wow Nick so interesting, thanks for sharing all the info! Loved the pics as well

It’s amazing and so sad at the same time that such powerful animal defences, that defeat large predators, can do nothing against human madness. Pangolins should be a symbol for all trafficked animal species and there should be another one for plants, then fungi. I can just hope people will change their mind through education. I have loved pangolins since my childhood.

Great story about the pangolins. I was not aware of their endangered status. Thanks for the pictures of this unique creature.

Thank you Nick for the insight. Lovely little animals. I honestly hope not to meet someone wearing something from a pangolin…..

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for posting this. Londolozi does so much good in so many ways such as educating people on the vulnerability of sentient beings. Pangolins are such special and truly sweet creatures. It’s sad the\at human vermin feed off of the innocent. I hope one day to see a Pangolin in the wild. Top of my bucket list 🙂

Francesca’s comment is perhaps the most poignant. Of course we can hope that some people will change their mind through education, or penalties – but that has not been proven to be very effective. Increased funding to organizations that are truly making a difference against poachers, and educating consumers about the abhorrence of buying and using products from endangered species is their only hope.

Yes, they are amazing creatures! ALIVE.
So disheartening what the forces of greed, poverty and ignorance in humans are doing to them.

Thanks Nick for this fascinating blog on pangolins. I really DO hope that one day I will be able to see one of these wonderful animals. So far, I haven’t, not on one of the many safaris I have been on and not one at Londolozi.
But there is still hope. Next time, maybe…
I do also hope that lots of people will raise the awareness of the danger these amials are in.
Why do Chinese people believe that the scales are useful in medicine, which is nonsense. Why do rich Americans believe they must have belts made of their scales? Even greater nonsense.
I hope that lots of people read your blog and help protect the animals.

Hi Nick, pangolins are such beautiful animals and it is so sad that they are hunted for their scales. They are harmless and should be protected at all cost. Thanks for your story on the pangolins.

Long live the pangolin!

8 trips to Africa and we’re still hoping to see one! Perhaps in April at Londolozi!

Nick, The images and videos of the Pangolins are wonderful! We were excited beyond meaure to find one on our last visit to Londolozi. We kept thinking that it was all a hoax and that after many visits to Londolozi, it would never happen. On our last night and last drive our tracker found one! You never saw people scramble like that for the best angle to get a photo! We have spent time studying their plight and we hope that the world will find a way to just let them be!!

Thanks for this interesting blog Nick. I fervently wish that the young people can be educated and know that the benefits of animal body parts are NOT effective and that the wildlife in the world are more precious alive.

Nick, thank you so much for highlighting this amazing and endangered animal. I find it repugnant that poachers would kill this distinctive animal in order to sell it for the scales.
It’s stories like this that can bring awareness to the multitudes that this senseless killing needs to stop, not just for Pangolins, but all endangered animals. Thank you!

A lovely tribute to this very special creature Nick 🙏🏻💕. It seems so sad that such a shy, gentle creature such as the Pangolin should be the most trafficked creature on our planet and I too hope that the world will listen to the call to save them and that our children’s children, are also able to enjoy them in the future.

So grateful Nick for you highlighting World Pangolin Day! These animals ate endlessly fascinating, with a charm all of their own. And as Francesa said, there’s the ironic tragic dichotomy of an animal that can protect itself from apex predators, but against human insanity.

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