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Fin grew up in Johannesburg and began guiding in 2010. He has guided across South Africa, East Africa and the Amazon jungle in Brazil. Fin's primary interests are birds, tracking and developing a passion for photography.

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on Pangolin vs Leopard

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Wow! Incredible sighting. A pangolin is still on my bucket list but to see a leopard with a pangolin is amazing.

Truly incredible!!! I bet everyone’s heart was racing! What an adrenalin rush! Another lucky and amazing day for you and your guests at Londolozi! So true you never know what you are going to see on safari!

That’s a 5 star sighting! The pangolin has eluded me each time I’ve visited Africa, but perhaps next year……..

Insane sighting!! Let’s do an instant replay in 10 days when I visit!

Digital Ranger

Fin how very cool!! That is the ultimate sighting! Not only a leopard but a PANGOLIN. Way to go! I hope your guests realized how lucky they were. I am hoping that I will see a pangolin when I come to the Sabi Sands in October. Best of luck to see more pangolins

What an incredible experience! The elusive and the rare is both the best and unusual for anyone. Your images are terrific, Fin!

What an incredible experience! The elusive and the rare is both the best and unusual for anyone. Must have been very amusing to watch young Tamboli biting and chewing on the impossible. Great life lesson for her. Your images are terrific, Fin!

Senior Digital Ranger

Lucky you and my best regards to Innocent!

Thank you for this wonderful blog. I have missed Londolozi so much since we said goodbye. I know I will be back there.

What a wonderful experience, Fin! I have seen leopards in the Kruger Park a number of times but not a Pangolin – not ever! We have seen Aardvark and an Aardwolf who did a poo in the dusty road in front of our landrover and then covered it up neatly and trotted off into the Bush – totally ignoring all the interested pairs of eyes watching him! Wendy M

What an amazing encounter! Has the young Tamboti cub become fully independent at this point or is she still hanging with mom on occasion? We saw them both in April.

Senior Digital Ranger

Unbelievable sighting. 0-2 for Pangolin myself through two trips on which I visited Londolozi and Okavango. Fortunate to have seen a number of leopard between Kwara and Londolozi, but a pangolin? Uh uh. Pangolin and a leopard just incredible

Fin, What a fantastic sighting! The only Pangolins we have seen are the ones on Terri’s earnings! Hope to find a real one on our next visit!

There really are no words for how amazing that sighting must have been!!

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