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Ashleigh grew up in a small mining town in the Northern Cape and then moved on to Stellenbosch for High School and University. She studied BA Social Dynamics (Politics, Philosophy and English) and after completing her degree went overseas to Taiwan to teach ...

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on 5 Things That The Wilderness Has Taught Me

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Hi Ashleigh, your gratitude and humbleness to nature is astounding and we can all learn something from nature. Never just take a walk for granted, but look around and experience new things, feel and touch the grass,flowers and always look up to appreciate the blue sky and all the birds that share it with us. Each day is a gift from God, so take full advantage of it and appreciate everything and everyone around you. Enjoy the clean fresh air that you breath and smell the rain when it falls on the ground.

Ashleigh, your enthusiasm for your new position in the lower veld is apparent in your blogs. It’s great to take advantage of your walk to work by using all of your senses to explore the path, rather than look at your phone. You’ve amazing opportunities working at Londolozi so continue to love and listen to nature’s teachings, all the while learning each and every day.

Valmai and Denise, thank you both for your comments (and compliments).
I sincerely appreciate the encouragement for my efforts to be more in touch and intuitive with my surroundings. It has been such a blessing taking more notice of the world around me.

Like you I grew up in Scott and the only contact I had was with the animals in the zoo. Then one day my husband called from work and asked if I would like to go to South Africa. I said I would love to and it turned out that my Mother in LW needed a roommate for a Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I had a fabulous 3 weeks altho only 2 nights at a wildlife reserve. I decided we had to come and actually spend more spend more time with animals and. Not so many flowers. We were by living inFrance then Phil found a very nice travel agent. We had 3 weeks and the icing on the cake was 3 magical days at Londolozi. We had Jess and Jeff and we saw so many animals and birds and a newborn zebra. We loved every minute and as we were driving away I said to Phil we have to bring the children here. So I understand how you must love a job that allows you time in the bush and to be part of the Londolozi family. Victoria

Victoria, although rather biased I agree with your “cherry on top” of the cake being your three days with us at Londolozi.
Being a part of the family here has been an absolute blessing- thank you!
Sending love to you, Phil and the family. We hope to welcome you back here in the near future.

Ashleigh, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Nature and the wilderness are indeed beautiful teachers if we just allow ourselves to listen!

It was my pleasure to share my lessons from nature with you, William.

Thanks for your beautifully written article. It’s true: there are only few things in life that are as good as being out in nature enjoying it and nearly nothing can beat a good safari out in the bush with its smells, sounds and animals interacting with each other and also with us human beings.

I couldn’t agree with you more, Christa!

Ashleigh, I read all the blog posts every day and because I also live with wildlife in the Limpopo wilderness (nearest town 80km) I confess that I may gloss over much of the text. Then suddenly there is this profound missive which focuses away from the aim to impress the foreign visitor – as well-meant as those are – and see nature and not only describe impressive moments by nature’s apex predators.

I liked that.

Dries, what a compliment indeed. I appreciate it and thank you for not glossing over this particular blog post.

Ashleigh, wishing you many many more wonderful moments sharing your personal journey with the Londolozi family. Don’t forget to pinch yourself often as you couldn’t have found a more perfect place to be 🙏🏻❤️

Cally, thank you very much. Sadly I need to make more of a concerted effort to appreciate all that I have, but “pinching myself” more often is one of my 2022 goals!

Senior Digital Ranger

Ashleigh – I so enjoyed this blog and understand the wonder you feel at Londolozi. Next time you write would love to see a photo of your Turquoise Longhorn “After-8 Beetle” !

Jennifer, thank you very much. Sadly the image I took was done with so much excitement that the quality was not good enough to actually see my special beetle clearly. However, if you would like to see it you are most welcome to email us and I will get the blurry picture that I do have on file to you.

These are all great observations. My favorite is look up. Try walking on on Fifth Avenue in New York City – it’s almost impossible as most everyone is looking at their phone.

Albeit not Londolozi, I sure would like to see Fifth Avenue sometime in the future!
I can assure you that I will NOT be looking at my phone if I ever made my way to New York City.

Some good lessons there Ashleigh! Thank you for this. I hope to practise these here at home and also at Londolozi one day.

Thanks Ashleigh! We love your perspective on life at Londolozi and how you have found special appreciation for your new surroundings! We look forward to hearing more!

Beautiful post Ashleigh – so much natural wisdom and grace in your account of how you connect with nature, perceive it’s many lessons, and apply them to your life. Very inspiring!!

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