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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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I find it always interesting to have a close up of these big male lions. Somehow they seem massive in the front. And when you get to the hind quarters, there is not so much there. Strange………. But I suppose the mane gives the idea of massiveness?

It is fairly interesting, but I guess that the front is where all the power and weight needs to be in terms of fighting and hunting. Their hind quarters also appear a lot skinnier because it is being compared to the front. On top of all that, the hind quarters fluctuates in size so quickly, where as you do not notice the front losing too much weight.

Oh really? I never realized the hind quarters fluctuate in size so quickly…… I realize it is the place to look when you think they are losing weight. It would mean that when moving, they sort of drag themselves forward with the hind quarters bringing up the middle bit, instead of being the forward propelling part of the animal?

Their hind quarters do fluctuate in size, its where you can notice it the most.

Lions relationships are always different and intriguing. I hope the cubs will survive although this is not likely to happen .wonderful view of the Three River Female with her lively cub, she is an excellent mum! Thank you Sean

I am constantly fascinated by the internal dynamics amongst the lions, they always keep us guessing. It is going to be a tricky road ahead for the females that still have cubs, but cubs have been raised in situations like this before, so we will have to wait and see. The Three Rivers Female has done a sterling job so far.

Lovely footage of the 3 Rivers female and her cub; I’m really hoping to see them when we come back in 3 weeks.
When the Ndzhenga male was with the Ntsevu female and they could hear other lions calling/roaring, it made me wonder to what extent they can recognise them?

I hope you manage to see the Three Rivers Female too, she is such an amazing female to see. Lions are pretty good at recognising the different calls of other lions and able to tell exactly who they are by simply hearing the roar.

Senior Digital Ranger

Awesome sightings! That cub was a cutie! The poor lioness being followed around by that growling behemoth! I don’t think I’ve heard one growl that much! I have a question though! Do you thinking that he can perhaps smell her milk? I knows she has cubs somewhere! Thanks for always making my Sundays worth getting up!

The cub was so cute, and incredibly playful. It is difficult to say. I am sure they are able to smell the milk but whether they are able to link that back to her having cubs, I am not too sure. I have asked an expert and am just awaiting their response.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for checking! It was the first thing I thought when I saw them. It would be interesting to know if it’s possible. He seems more grumpy than usual when lions are courting a female.

Loved that three rivers cub, quite a cheeky chap pretending to lead his mother and chasing the squirrel …what a great sighting. I do feel for the Ntsevu female if she still has cubs, she certainly looked very reluctant to be followed so closely by the Ndzhenga male. Would they be hidden with other members of the Ntsevu pride, in which case could an aunt feed her babies in the meantime or will they only depend on their mother for milk and therefore be left to die. I do hope she manages to get away, though it looks unlikely he will be leaving her side anytime soon.

It was such an amazing sighting of the Three Rivers Female and her cub.
The Ntsevu Female was definitely uneasy being followed so closely by that male. Lions are amazing in that they will care for each others’ young. If another female is lactating she will feed other cubs within the pride. However, if there is a significant size/age difference between the litters of cubs, this makes it difficult for the smaller cubs to feed as they are outcompeted.

Another great video, thanks Sean!
The interactions between the lions are really interesting. Everyone of them has their own tactics about getting what she/ he wants. Amazing.

Thank you so much, Christa. The interactions amongst lions are fascinating.

Hi Sean, I am glad the Ntsevu female mislead the Male Ndhzenga male away from her cubs. It seems as if the Ndhzenga Males have taken over now and getting familiar with the females. Loved the sighting of the Three Rivers female and her cub. Is her cub a female or a male. It’s full of energy and very playful. Lovely video thanks Sean.

I think we were all happy she had lead him away. I am sure these males will be around to stay for the forseeable future. The Three Rivers Female’s cub is a young male, and it is so full of energy.

Sean, The scene with the Three Rivers Female’s cub is priceless. So incredibly cute! Hope he makes it to adulthood. The lion dynamics are always interesting and we are always intrigued by how the females are so good at keeping their cubs safe by offering themselves to the males!

The Three Rivers Female sighting was incredible, the cub kept us entterained for ages.

Greetings Sean

It was terrific watching the Three River’s cub dashing about, trying to find something to claim for himself, albeit the squirrel and birds are much smarter than him so far.
I also found the non-interaction between the Ndhzenga male and Ntsevu female a testimony to her working to keep him at bay since she is still nursing cubs. Let’s hope she can continue to stall him for awhile longer. I hate to think her cubs could be killed by him.

Thank you so much, Denise. It was an amazing sighting of the Three Rivers Female and her cub.
The females do work so hard to keep their cubs safe, doing whatever it takes.

Sean, great video of the lions as they interact. The leopard cub was certainly curious. Thanks for sharing .

It was such an awesome sighting of the lions moving around and all the growling, as well as the leopard cub being so playful.

Fantastic interactions… the young male leopard chasing things all around while his mama looks on. And love the lion soap opera that is ongoing on Londolozi…..although I personally am still rooting for the Ntsevu to somehow manage to raise their cubs!

It has been so interesting to witness a lion take over and how all the different lions conduct themselves during it all. It would be great if the Ntsevu lionesses are still able to raise their cubs.

I’m wondering if lions and leopards are ever viewed with oxpeckers gleaning ticks and other parasites off of them or if their own grooming is what they depend on to remove those parasites, given they have such rough tongues?

Hi Patrick, no it is highly unlikely to see oxpeckers on a predator. As there is a high probability that the predator will attempt to eat any oxpeckers that get too close. Predators are also very well equipped to groom and clean themselves and each other with the rough tongues that you mention. There are times where the ticks are in tough to get or sensitive spots which then results in them being able to avoid removal.

Great long views of the lions, but the highlight for me was the Three Rivers female and her cub – especially the cub playing in the trees!!

Thank you so much, Paul. It was a great view of the lion and Three Rivers Female.

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