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Nick was a ranger at Londolozi from 2018 - 2022. He always had a love for nature. Growing up in Johannesburg, the annual family trip to the bush (particularly the Kruger Lowveld region of South Africa) became an escape from city life. When ...

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on The Primal Joy of Walking in the Bush

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I can remember as 10 – 12 year old thinking how nice it would be to be able to get out of the car in Kruger and take a walk into the bush. It was only much later when Kruger introduced their guided walking trips that I was able to experience this and I was certainly not disappointed.

I’m glad that you finally got to experience your childhood dream!

Yes indeed it is! Of course where we live we may encounter bears, boars, wolves, deer and – if we are very lucky- lynx, so the level of alertness is surely different from yours when you are on the tracks of elephants, lions, rhinos and leopards. Not to mention snakes and insectes!

What an awesome experience to see North America’s wildlife on foot too!

Hi Nick! I actually live in Europe… America’s wildlife is equally beautiful

My apologies! I’m happy to hear that Europe also has great wilderness areas

Beautifully expressed by you, Nick. Whilst I’ve not taken a long walk in the bush, only a couple of kilometers perhaps, it’s something on my bucket list. I can imagine being on ground level, free to explore the sights and sounds, carefully watching my surroundings. One day…..

You definitely need to tick a nice long walk off your bucket list next time you’re at Londolozi!

I love walking in the bush. Seeing all the little things and little animals (baby chameleons!!), it is really great!

Haha, I also like seeing baby chameleons

I would love to do a walk in the bush, to be able to listen and see the birds, leopards, elephants and what ever appears before me. What a privilege you have Nick walking in the bush with you tracker Life and fellow Rangers. I can just imagine the fresh air on my face , my ears and eyes wide open to take in all the beauty that the bush gives se freely, and to experience see nature and wild animals in their own environment.

It is a great feeling indeed!

The best of times whether alone or with friends, walking brings about a closeness with all our surroundings. Thank you Nick for the reminder.

I couldn’t agree more. Of all the wonderful memories I have of lots of safaris, the hours I have spent walking in the bush are the very best and most cherished ones. From a bushmen walk and other walks in Botswana, to looking for chimpanzees on foot in Tanzania, to a walking safari in Zambia and finally to several great walks at Londolozi: It has always been just wonderful!

That’s amazing that you’ve been able to experience the thrill of walking in so many different places!

Walking outside in nature is always a stress reliever and a pleasure!

Certainly the best way to connect with nature Nick ! We miss so much with the sound and speed of an engine..even a bicycle. Nothing I love more but ?…i have to say I wouldn’t attempt a walk in the african bush without a good guide by my side as I’m sure I would spend more time worrying about what might just pop out in front of me than all the senses one should be enjoying.

Haha! Exactly right – your walk should always be lead by an experienced guide so that he/she can ensure that safety is always prioritized.

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Aah Nick, I can’t wait to get back to the African bush asap and enjoy a walk in the bush and time amongst nature!

Good to hear, hopefully you’ll be back soon!

Nick, thanks for sharing your passion with us once again. There IS a special feeling when you get to hop off the vehicle and move around on foot, even when it’s just to get out for a morning coffee or a sundowner. It’s also exciting to walk near the vehicle with a tracker and look for the tracks of the animals. We have been amazed with some of the things that we have seen while just moving a few yards away from the vehicle in a riverbed!

Thanks Michael and Terri, looking forward to having you back here!

Wonderfull recap of how invigorating and exciting a wall off vehicle can be … thanks for putting into words the feelings we have on those walks!

It’s a pleasure!

Great blog Nick! Love your writing

Thanks so much, Karin!

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