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Jess was born in Kwazulu/Natal but grew up in Cape Town. Having an innate love for all things wild but getting to spend little time in the bush while growing up, she headed straight for the Lowveld after school. She completed a guiding ...

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on What Nature Feels Like For People

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Robbie Ball’s initial quote completly describes how I feel at Londolozi on a winter morning. There is nothing so peaceful yet exhilarating!
Wonderful piece by Roxy!

Jess, to me nature is a feeling. I know this is not much of an answer. for you but it is the way I have come to express myself in nature. The earth on my bare feet, the wind in my hair, the warmth or cold of the air around me, sunrise or sunset, the moon as it courses from new too full. As you can tell it is impossible for me the describe nature . I only experience my feelings.

Jess nature is astoundingly beautiful and cannot be compared from one day to another. Each day brings new beginnings, breathtaking scenes, brisk early morning walks, captivating blue skies, enchanting babies following moms every move. Lush vegetation for the wild animals, wondrous detail of each bird nest, sparkling water from a water fall takes my breath away. There is nothing like nature, it must just be managed correctly and eco systems must be in places.

I absolutely love the Shakespeare quote. 🙂
I believe – To hear is to listen. but one cannot hear if you don’t immerse & listen. Nature has a way of “making music” & talking to everyone differently.

Beautiful quotes and stunning photos! One of my favorite quotes is by Vincent van Gogh: “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” I live in an arid high-mountain environment and while some might call it desolute, I find it stunning and inspiring. The will it takes for nature to survive and thrive here is unbelievable. Also, the sky is so stunning – brilliant blue in the day time and filled with stars at night.

Wonderful photos and great quotes.
For me being in the bush, out in nature, under a wide blue sky or under a sky full of stars at night are the best feelings one can have and enjoy.

One of my absolutely favorites is from John Burroughs, “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have me sense put back in order.”

While not being entertained in nature, I am one.

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