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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #88

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Senior Digital Ranger

You people should dart that injured male lion and fix his injury, just so he don’t get infection plus it looks like a easy fix for something that could cause his death, later on

I agree 100%. Help that boy. God knows lions have been decimated by humans. Intervention in cases like this is some payback.

Senior Digital Ranger

I concur wholeheartedly.

Senior Digital Ranger

I feel very sorry for the Birmingham Boys and the entire Nsevu pride. Their cubs are at a huge risk. Very sad state of affairs for this family of lions. I’m still rooting for them though. If there is a takeover, I can’t see the Tsalala female coming back to Londolozi to give birth to her cubs. Again, very sad.

The Birmingham Males are still amazing, but at twelve years old their days in control are probably numbered. What we possibly will see is them surrendering a portion of their territory in order to avoid confrontation for now then try and go after the younger males when they are isolated or alone.

sounds like common sense!! 🙂

Senior Digital Ranger

Ahhh, that was sooo exciting! I heard on the Wild Earth sunrise drive that the Avoca’s had gotten beat up bad last night but have seen evidence yet! Hope all turns out well for them if it’s the case! Those 4 lions are beautiful! Not sure about the one with his intestine sticking out, it looked worse the last shot you had of him! I don’t think it would take much strain for it to pop out even more. Looking forward to next Sunday!

It is interesting. We haven’t heard or seen the Avocas since so we can’t say exactly what state they are in but will try to get something out on them in the next day or two.

Senior Digital Ranger

This film footage was absolutely amazing Sean!!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and all the roaring added to the excitement. So exciting to see the new male coalition entering and overtaking Londolozi territory at least for the moment. You definitely hinted at changes in dominance with the aging of the Birmingham males. I expected the beautiful Othawa Male to gain prominence until that wasn’t possible. Now the Avoca males are on notice! Not all will be pleasant with any change, but The Circle of Life continues. Please keep us posted…and maybe more that once a week lately with your awesome videos!!!

Thank you so much, Camille. You are so correct it will not be pleasant but the circle of life will continue. However, it is exciting that there are some new males around. We will just have to wait and see what unfolds going forward.

Sean this is going to be a huge take over from these 4 Ndhzenga male lions, but I do feel very sorry for the 2 Birmingham male lions, and the 2 Avoca Males. These 4 that were roaring must of been very loud for you Rangers and guests that were right there. In a situation where that male lion is injured like the one Ndhzenga male, do you get the vet out and try and fix the injury. Or must nature take it’s course. It would be a pity to loose such an impressive lion. Wonderful video Sean.

Hi Valmai, it is very loud to be right there when the males are roaring like that.
Sadly, we won’t get a vet involved as the injury occurred naturally and is part of the process of natural selection. If the injury was inflicted by humans or was a highly endangered animal then we would consider getting a vet to intervene.
Thank you, Valmai.

What a wonderful and exciting video! Those four brothers really look formidable and powerful, especially while running and roaring towards their adversaries.
Doesn’t it make you shiver a bit when four such powerful males race past your car?
I am looking forward to hearing more about the interactions between those different coalitions.

It is very intimidating having them run past your vehicle, but we feel safe as their attention was focused on teh other lions, not us. We will hopefully be able to follow the story as it all unfolds and will update when we can.

Spectacular! I have goosebumps… my heart goes out to the females and their cubs and also the other lion coalitions. Among all living beings shivering in fear mums must be on the edge. None the less I would have loved being with you and looking at those fantastic animals that are true kings and know no enemies but crocodiles and humans (they were checking on you at times). Such gorgeous and powerful animals at the top of the chain are getting rare and this is a unique privilege. Big thank you!

Thank you, Francesca. Yes, it will be sad if any cubs are lost during this process, but I guess it is as natural as any other process out here. They are indeed incredible animals.

The tension of waiting is huge! Waiting for news of the eventual outcome! The evening should quite exciting! Victoria

We will hopefully have more for you soon.

Would daring that male with the wound to fix it cause more problems than it’s worth, dealing with his brothers?

Hi Doug, Sadly, we won’t get a vet involved as the injury occurred naturally and is part of the process of natural selection. If the injury was inflicted by humans or was a highly endangered animal then we would consider getting a vet to intervene. I think if we did dart the lion the other brothers would move off and wouldn’t be a problem.

This was a fascinating piece! I look forward to hearing more!

Thank you, Dixie. We will hopefully have more for you in the near future.

Senior Digital Ranger

Amaaaazing footage! I have never seen anything show the brilliant power and grace of lions then what you have given us in this post. So impressive! I was concerned we would see a fight. I cannot fathom anyone wanting to see these magnificent animals maiming and possibly killing each other. Especially given how special the Birmingham males are and with all the cubs that will be at risk. The one injured male of the Ndhzenga coalition also seems to have a weakened back tight hip. I wonder if that was a birth weakness or old injury. There seems to be quite a bit of handicap with all but that gorgeous male. I understand the excitement, however I hope you will post a warning if there is footage of a fight. It’s just too hard to see something like that for some of us. You have a great degree of sensitivity and decorum Sean and I thank you for that! Fabulous, fabulous post!

Thank you so much for your amazing comment, Johanna. These lions are magnificent and do agree that there is some level of handicap amongst this coalition. I think all but the protruding stomach are birth defects though.
Yes, I will make sure I warn if there is any violence or heartache going forward from here.

Senior Digital Ranger

Very nice video. I’m surprised the lion with the injury is able to operate without getting sick. The intergroup dynamic is very interesting. Thanks!

Hi Paul, it is very impressive that he has survived this long. We believe that the injury occurred in 2019, and was a lot worse. So it has healed relatively well considering where it was. I am always amazed at how resilient these animals are, their immune systems must be so powerful.

Yes one wonders whether the Ndhzenga males really do have the strength between them to take over …looking at that last bit of footage with the two with wonky legs and the other, whos wound looks like it could get worse. Strange how they have all left their our pride for ‘better pastures’. I’m surprised that the Birmingham males have moved off for so long..are they with their pride? So much to learn and certainly with the recent events, makes for much debate.

One does definitely begin to ask the question of whether these four will be able to take over. And, why would they leave their previous territory and pride of females? We are not sure yet but I am sure we will find out soon.

They are fine looking young males. I feel sorry for the Birmingham males, but, as you said, they are still something to be recond with. They truly are amazing animals for their age. I pray the cubs will survive. What is the policy with regard to injured wildlife? It is my understanding that Mother Nature rules in the bush. Thanks Sean, enjoyed the video.

Hi Leonie, they are amazing looking animals. Hopefully, the Birmingham Males are able to avoid any conflict going forward and their cubs are alright. Sadly, we won’t get a vet involved as the injury occurred naturally and is part of the process of natural selection. If the injury was inflicted by humans or was a highly endangered animal then we would consider getting a vet to intervene.

Thanks again for a wonderful vlog! Very interesting………… Sean, you said that they already have taken over two prides in the south, wouldn’t it be a bit much to add two or three more? The lion with the wound doesn’t look very good, too much skin to my liking, the others seem ok, but still………….. if the Birminghams and/or the Avocas play it right, they could pick them off one by one?

Yes, I believe from what we have been told that they have already got cubs with two prides in the south, the Styx Pride and the Southern Pride. This behaviour from the males is unusual, as what has caused them to come charging so far north and leave those prides alone?

Strange………….. could they be pushed north by an even heftier coalition???? Any signs??

They could have, but we haven’t heard of any other coalitions moving in to put pressure on them from the south.

Digital Tracker

Wow how exciting and very intense! They are so beautiful!!!

Thank you, Carly. They are impressive looking males.

Amazing footage and story here! They pass so close to the the vehicles so the have been around humans many times. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. If one of them goes off on his own he could get caught and killed. They appear to all be staying together which is a smart strategy. They are unstoppable together and could rule the area for a long time if they succeed in a takeover. It will be tragic if Cubs or other males are killed but that seems inevitable in a takeover like this. I hope the Bhams don’t challenge all 4 of them as that will not end well for them. It crazy how they have not found the females yet on their daily patrols. They seem to be covering a lot of ground. It is just a matter of time before they catch up with them. These brutes surely have all the lions in the area on edge. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Thank you, Mike. It is indeed interesting times for the lions and I am sure all will become clear as to whether these males will find the females or will they hang around here.

Sean, absolutely fantastic video. To see the four Ndhzenga males operating in concert and with conviction is stunning. Thank you for this experience. I hope to see more as this story unfolds.

Thank you so much, William. we will try and follow the story as close as we can to keep everyone involved and updated.

Wow! My heart would have been pounding as they started coming down the road like that! They are all beautiful, but that HUGE guy is truly formidable.

They are such amazing looking lions, still young and I am sure will grow even bigger if they can avoid any serious fights.

Absolutely brilliant video Sean and so thrilling to hear the four Ndzengas roaring. I’ll be tuned in to see what unfolds in the next few days/weeks… fingers crossed for the safety of the females and cubs.

Thank you, Denise. I hope you are doing alright. We will definitely keep you in the loop with what unfolds.

What a magnificent time to be at Londo, so exciting. Wish we were there!

great video. Got to be high risk that the one male with the injury is g a dead lion walking…I know they are tough but that has got to be a hard injury to heal? Maybe if it eats so much that it pops back in

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