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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #517

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Amazing photos. I love those oxpeckers lined up on someone’s back.
The lion newcomers look impressive. They might be a real threat to the Birminghams, I guess?

Hi Christa, the Male lions were very impressive and would be real challengers to the Birmingham Males if all four of them were together. But, personally, I feel that with just the two that came onto Londolozi the Birmingham Males would be able to hold them off as the younger/smaller one has an old wound in his side from a buffalo hunt in 2019 that has not healed.

Interesting new male lions! Ndhzenga guys, where are they from? Or is a blog following next week….. 😉
Thanks for this TWIP!

Hi Irene, they are impressive males. They come from the Kruger National Park. And, yes we will put something out on them soon.

Hi Sean, there were so many stories and pictures that really moved me in this weeks TWIP. I was very worried about the cub and about to ask for an update, until thankfully the next photo explained the outcome. Every photo made me so glad that I follow all of the wonderful blogs. And this is a small thing compared to all that you do, but I just love how the Londolozi logo winks at me … it makes me smile every time.

Thank you so much, Barbara, It was a great collection of images this week each loaded with its own story. We are so happy that you really enjoy that feature, it is amazing and also gets me smiling.

Sean, what a great set of images, and exciting updates about the new lion coalition traversing Londolozi! We got together with a group of Londolozi friends last night for a South African wine tasting. Wanted to send regards to you from Vin and Michele Beni and the Marinaccio family! We all plan to be back to Londolozi as soon as possible.

Hi Michael and Terri. It is very exciting to see the new males pushing further into Londolozi, I guess only time will tell as to what will unfold.
amazing, I hope they are all doing well and you enjoyed some of the wines. We hope to have you all back here as soon as possible.

Have the Birmingham Males responded to this invasion?

Not yet that we know of. But it will be an interesting next few days to see what unfolds.

Sean the little leopard cub playing with the impala horn is such a cutie. So glad the lion cub found it’s mother, otherwise that could of spelt disaster for the cub. The little zebra fowl is so gorgeous. It is amazing for me to always want to see the babies of each animal, to see them grow up with their respective parents. The kudu bull is stunning standing amongst the trees. Wonderful to see a rhino bull patrolling his territory. It look as if the wildebeest is playing in the water, what a beautiful foto.

Thank you, Valmai. They are all a great selection and all have their own story to tell.

The new lions are impressive!

They are very impressive, and I am sure we will start to see more on them in the coming weeks.

I can’t believe how wonderful these pictures are. The zebra calf is so sweet! And the leopard cub as always. Luckily the little lion found his pride, it’s hard to believe he’s the last one from his gorgeous father… lovely big cats and the kudu bull is spectacular, the young elephant and the rhino bull… the giraffe seems not to mind the stripe! I’ve always be fond of hippos and to see them in pink is even more special. I love the wildebeest jumping across the river and the two new lions they are impressive!

Thank you, Francesca. They are a great selection of images this week and glad you enjoyed them all.

Yet another great week Sean ! I’m running out of adjectives to describe each photo. What a variety and what a week. The two Ndhenga males are quite magnificent…do hope they don’t have a confrontation with the Londolozi family members ..i.e. The Birmingham males. Loved the Oz peckers ❤️🙏🏻

Thank you so much, Cally. It is going to be an interesting time to see what unfolds amongst the lions in the coming weeks.

Some great images this week, Sean! I especially love the kudu and wildebeest shots by Kyle Gordon. Unique!

Thank you, Mary Beth. Those are some unique and incredible shots.

The very young zebra is fantastic, nice shot.

Hi Jutta, the little zebra was amazing to see.

What a fantastic week you had Sean. Those N’wawishaka males are truly stately lions, totally photo worthy! I couldn’t believe how large they were when I saw them at the end of March and very loud.
I especially liked your baby zebra image- there’s just something special about those little wobbly legs trying to support its torso.
As far as the Nkuwa female, didn’t she give birth a few weeks ago? How’s the Plaque Rock female doing?
I so miss being out driving around the bush….

It was a great week, and so epic to see the Ndzhenga Males. I don’t think the Nkuwa Female has given birth just yet but will hopefully show signs of being pregnant soon. The Plaque Rock Female is doing very well, fairly difficult to find though.

Another great week of animals doing their thing. I remember the first visit we visited Londolozi we had Jess and Jeff as our team. One afternoon we came across a mother zebra who literally just given birth. There were a couple of vultures in a tree nearby watching. It was an amazing moment for us all! Thank you for your moments. Victoria

Seeing new live arrive in the world is so amazing to be part of.

…and you know that firsthand!

Great photos this week Londolozi team! Am interested to know if you all saw only the one cub of the Three Rivers Female, as she originally had two?

Hi Michael, yes there was just one cub. She hasn’t been seen with the second cub for a while and we think that she may have lost it. We also have suspicions that this cub is a young male but will wait until it is a little older before we know for sure.

Loved Robert’s image of the youngest member of the Mangheni pride loooking lonesome!
We were very entertained by the antics of the wildebeest during our Great Migration experience.

Hi Vin, It is a great image of the little Mangheni lion. The Migration is an unreal experience, its definitely on the bucket list for me.

So glad to see that the young Mangheni cub is back with the pride, safe and sound! Beautiful photos, as always!

Thank you so much, Lisa.

Love the power in the blk&white lion photo, and the light and movement in the wildebeest.
Thanks for another great week!

It is a striking image of the male lion. Thank you, Marcia.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for another bog filled with gorgeous photos & stories. I am always happy to see Senegal Bush male and the Mhangeni Pride. Hoping the B-boys have a little more time left to be dominant..

Thank you so much, MJ. Let’s hope they are able to hold on for a little longer.

A nice TWIP Sean. Some beautiful shots of the cats, birds and giraffes. There is no way to pick a favourite here. Thanks for the ride and for sharing with us.

Thanks so much, Leonie.

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