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Kelly was born and raised in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From an early age she had a passion for hosting, entertaining and cooking. After completing her Bachelors of Education, she went on to receive a diploma in Patisserie. After living in London for a ...

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on Londolozi’s Camps, Camp Managers and Cocktails

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Thanks to Kelly, I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon tour of the camps accompanied by a lovely, delicious cocktail at each location. Definitely a “must do” which I hope to enjoy again when I return to Londolozi!

Wonderful camps and great camp managers to look after the guests. The hospitality of Londolozi is admirable.

Such a fun read! Now I’m thirsty 🍸🤤

Very nice story about the insights with extra informations, funny with the cocktails.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for the descriptions of your camps. It helps me visualize them.

Kelly, thanks for the delicious tour of all the camps! We’ve tried all of them except Tree Camp and have that on our sights. Thanks for the great cocktail ideas! Are the recipes secret or can they be shared? It might be fun sometime to offer a cocktail tour of the different camps as an event! We look forward to seeing you on our next visit!

Nicely done Kelly … we enjoyed the walk down memory lane and seeing some of the places we have and haven’t stayed in.

Kelly everything looks so inviting and the cocktails differ from camp to camp. Those glasses full of cocktails look refreshing and makes the guests feel welcome and comfortable . All the camps are so beautiful furnished and well maintained with expert staff ready to receive the guests.

Thank you Kelly for your guide to the camps and their individual personalities. I’ve only stayed in Founders, well cared for by Simon et al, but perhaps another camp could be in my future.
I had no idea cocktails could be enjoyed in any of the camps’ bars/lounges so I appreciate that tip. I may have to do personal research on who makes the best and most unique g&t !

Ash at Founders is very versatile around the bar and has even learned to make an “extra dry” martini!

Vin (and Michelle) of course, how could I forget. Cute and I boast about knowing your special drink. We can’t wait to make you another in the near future 🍸

What a great post! I cannot wait to try Ash’s Aperol Spritz’s, one of my favourite drinks! And I will be sure to make my way around the other camps to sample these delicious cocktails. Having a sundowner is one of the best parts of safari life. One day soon!

Barbara, I must tell the truth in saying that Kelly was the one who taught me to make the famous Founders Aperol. We look forward to seeing you and enjoying a sundowner together.

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