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Patrick was born and raised in Johannesburg and from a young age dreamt about living in the bush. He grew up going on family holidays to Madikwe in the North West where his passion grew. After high school Patrick went to the Eastern ...

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on Dynasties of the dwarf mongoose

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So much fun to watch them peeking out of their dens and scurrying around. They always seem wide-eyed!

The dwarf mongooses are the funniest. The others are nice as well. Actually, all the little animals are nice to watch!!

Patrick, What a great story and wonderful images of the Dwarf Mongooses! We love seeing them peeking out of their hideouts! We have also seen the Meerkats in the Kalahari. Are they related at all? There seem to be some similarities in the way they live.

They are so cute, very agile and quiet inquisitive too. Their little eyes don’t miss anything. Good to see some look out for danger while the others eat peacefully. Because in the bush there is always someone watching.

Hi Patrick! Those little fellas appear alike meerkat society to me. I saw them playing and interacting they are very smart and funny animals indeed! The can eat anything they overpower… I once watched a documentary where a mongoose ate a newborn lion cub. Terrible to watch… when they fight against cobras you hold your breath! Very skillful creatures. I’d love to hear more about bushveld gerbils, we had pet gerbils once

Great photos, Patrick. I also love these mongooses. They are so cute and always seem to be so busy. We watched a big group of them in April.

I love mongoose. Still think back to the little guy who flopped on his back, playing dead, in front of a hornbill

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Ha ha that’s too cute! So smart!

Hello Patrick, so intresting to read your blog article about dwarf mongoose! They seem to be a very smart little animal! I would love to see them!
Thank you for sharing!

Patrick, what fun animals to follow. Thanks for the introduction.

Hi Patrick. Lovely set of pictures, thank you! And interesting article about these little animals which I have always loved watching! Do you have any other kind of Mongooses at Londolozi? Or only the Dwarf? Wendy M

A really nice blog about the mongoose Patrick. They really are cute and very fast. Some interesting facts on what theywill eat – not picky eaters at all. Also it is fascinating to learn that their family circles are similar to those of the wild dogs – they all look after one another. Teamwork!! Thanks for sharing with us – really enjoyed the pics also.

It was interesting to see your article about the Dwarf Mongoose, such cute little carnivores that oftentimes slip through the cracks while on a game drive. I love how they move with lightening speed except when they’re basking in the sun. It seems their family life is much like the Meerkats that I watched in the Kalahari prior to my week in Londolozi. The Alpha pair, sentries and family hierarchy seems to match. I just love watching them pop their heads out of their burrows or other hiding places.

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Such gorgeous little creatures! A great article, would be so fun to spend a few hours watching these little guys go about their business!

What a great insight into the lives of the dwarf mongoose Patrick! So interesting. Do they ever habinate ?

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Very interesting discussion. Although I’ve worked in the bush in South Africa for a number of years, I didn’t know anything about these predators. Thanks!

They are adorable, I don’t remember seeing them on any of our visits to Londolozi! will have to actually look for them on our next trip. ThNk you for introducing these adorable creatures to me! Victoria

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