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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #507

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I can’t believe ho cute those cubs are! Fantastic pictures of animals at their peak of existence, like the rhino, lions, zebra, elephants and life at the beginning for leopards and lions cubs. If they succeed, it will be interesting to see how the Ndzanzeni twins parts. The lion dynamics are always so interesting!

We are in for a very interesting time ahead. The lion dynamics are going to be something to follow closely, along with the cubs. Fingers crossed they all survive, we will keep you updated as to where they disperse to.

Lovely TWIP again. How old are the Ndzanzeni cubs now?

Hi Suzanne, thank you once again. We are so glad you enjoyed it. They are roughly eight months old. We estimate them to be born in December 2020.

The 3 older Ntsevu cubs, is that from the original litter of 5 cubs that the Avoca male killed 2 from?

Hi Binal, there were originally five cubs. I know that the Northern Avoca Males killed some of the Ntsevu Cubs, but I think it may have been another female’s cubs. I will find out the exact details as to which ones were killed by the Avoca Male.

Senior Digital Ranger

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics between the Avoca’s and the Birmingham’s plays out! I’ll be watching! Love the pictures of the lion cubs, they are so cute!

Hi Debra, it is going to be incredibly interesting to see how it all plays out.

Sean, TWIP’s is another virtual safari that showcases the diverse wildlife of Londolozi. Thanks!

Hi William, TWIP is definitely another opportunity for us to share the amazing wildlife seen this week with everyone. I am so glad you enjoy them.

Awesome selection of images thanks for sharing Sean and everyone who contributed. Really loved the Elephant drinks stop!

Thanks, Rich.

Very nice pics, its fantastic to hear that all the cubs are well .

Hi Jutta, thank you so much. Thankfully the cubs are all doing well.

Senior Digital Ranger

The big cats are so beautiful, all them the leopards have that tiny extra bump of beauty. It breaks my heart that some people would rather kill these innocent cats than watch them in a Video and watch there live as they live day by day, so intresting. I’m so involved with them just watching that when bad stuff or death happens I cry for hours and get honestly depressed over them. It’s emotional heartbreaking. When things are going to well for cubs and adults it a awesome way to go to work after watching the lives of the big cats

Tammy, the big cats indeed are beautiful.

Thanks for all the amazing photos. A beautiful selection. The lion and leopard cubs are just gorgeous!

Thank you, Christa. you cannot go wrong with a few images of cubs, they are stunning little animals.

Great week of photos! My favorite has to be that baby elephant checking out the geese.

Thank you, Marcia. Young elephants are so entertaining. Just pushing its weight around when the geese were minding their own business.

Senior Digital Ranger

I hope the lioness find a way to keep all those cubs safe from the N Avoca’s.. Have the Birmingham males left the area now?

Hi MJ, I hope she is able to keep the cubs safe. Luckily the cubs are quite far from where the Avoca Male was seen. Yes he has moved back into the northern parts of the reserve.

Wonderful photos this week Sean by you and some of the team, especially the young Ndzandzeni cub and the sundowner stop with the elephant family. It seems the Mhagene are spending more time east of Singita-due to the absence of a male protector?
So, who is the keeper of the dreaded Pink Pouch currently?

Thank you, Denise. There was a great selection this week of images.
The Mhangeni Pride has been spending a fair amount of time on Londolozi, and with that, they have been moving significant distances each day. I am sure this is due to the lack of a dominant male to cover them.

The Pink Pouch is currently comfortably placed on the right hip of Kyle, but there was a quick hand-over period between Kirst and Greg before Kyle.

Awesome foto’s this week in the TWIP. Loved the leopard cubs and lion cubs. Such diversity of foto’s it’s hard to choose the best, because they are all stunning. The guests stepping out of the vehicle having a drink and watching the elephants looks so inviting. Avoca male is so beautiful.

Thank you, Valmai.

Sean, we love seeing all the cubs! It’s so exciting to see the lions and leopards doing so well. Of course it will be interesting to see how the lions sort things out going forward!

It is always great seeing cubs, with there being a few around at the moment game drives have been so exciting.

Gorgeous photos this week!

Thank you, Lisa.

Master Tracker

Superb cat photography , large and small

Thank you, Ian.

Trust you didn’t get the pink pouch Sean 😉…regardless…some spectacular photos as always and wonderful to know that all the leopard cubs and the three lion cubs are fairing so well 💕🙏

Thankfully not, Cally. But it did change hands this week (no names mentioned).

The lions’ ongoing saga will be interesting to follow.
I hope Greg is willing to share some photos from our spectacular sundowner event with 57 elephants last month. It was among our top 5 ever experiences at Londolozi!

Hi Vin, we haven’t got anything out of Greg yet. I will have to have a chat with him and get a few images from him.

Thank you for a great moment while I am sitting on our balcony and now wishing I was there! Victoria

Thank you, Victoria. Hopefully, you will be here soon.

Digital Tracker

Absolutely stunning pics this week Sean! Probably some of my favourite thus far! Such perfect pics of both leopard and lion cubs, and I love the little African yellow white-eye! Just beautiful! The elephants are always spectacular too! Thank you!!

Thank you so much, Carly. I think cubs in general pull on everyone’s heartstrings.

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