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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on Bucket List Sightings at Londolozi – Part 1

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Hopefully.. One day I CAN experience Londolozi too. But for now, i am immersed in the Blogs & Virtual Drive Highlights. I agree on all 5 being wow moments. 🙂

You are a master of writing! I already had those animals and views as favourites along with my family and friends but the Weaver ‘s nest pan. I didn’t know of it and it’s stunning. I’d love to see cheetahs and giraffe, zebra and kudu but also the mum with the baby hippos! And ancient trees with flowers. So sad the Othawa male is gone. I can’t believe you were in front of him roaring that loud, I happened to hear lions roaring close once I thought my head was bursting but it’s such an experience! You feel the power of nature at her highest level

I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Francesca. There certainly is plenty to enjoy out here but a lion roaring is something special. You’re lucky to have experienced it.

Chris, we love your idea and it will be fun to see how it develops! Our favorite sighting of this group is the one with the Buffalo Herd at the watering hole, because that is our vehicle in the photo! It was an amazing experience and we were able to watch the entire herd rush towards the watering hole in a cloud of dust. It was no small feat for our ranger Fin Lawlor to eventually move us away as we were completely surrounded by hundreds of Buffalo! Of course we were also lucky to have James Tyrell on the vehicle with us to get that great shot!

That must have been an incredible sighting – it certainly looks like it from the photo!

Though I would indeed love to see a pangolin one day, or a honey badger, I completely agree on your bucket list, Chris. The nicest bit is that I have seen or done (finding rhinos on foot) all of them already. Which only means that one wants to have more of it all, because it is addictive.

That’s exactly what keeps us coming back to the wilderness; its addictive. I’m glad you enjoyed the post Christa.

I love your 1st bucket list, Chris. I’ve been lucky enough at Londo to experience 3 male linos roaring VERY close to us, and a leopard with young cubs (Ndzanzeni with Tortoise Pan and his sister, also Ndzanzeni herself at 1 month old. I’d also add to my list for the future a leopard hoisting a kill, and a honey badger (not yet seen in my 10 visits, but hopefully more attainable than a pangolin. But after so long without being to visit you, my greatest wish is just to get back to Founders!

Sounds like you have had some amazing experiences here at Londolozi, Suzanne! Especially being able to see the Ndzanzeni female as a cub and then with cubs of her own – a story not many people get to witness first hand. Hopefully we see you back here sooner rather than later.

I would love to visit Londolozi and what you have prescribed to humans about animals, well Chris I would love to see a mother leopard and her cubs. For me that is something very special to see , and leopards are my favorite cat. Then secondly elephants and their little ones, is a magnificent sight to see. Then thirdly I would love to see a lion from very close and to hear that roar firsthand, would be a dream come true. Chris and all Londolozi Rangers , you are so privileged to live there and to see these magnificent animals everyday in their own environment. We were once a while back in the Kruger and we were surrounded by about 500 buffalo, for me that was a so beautiful and I watched them carefully, some grazing, some bellowing and it was for me a wonderful experience to see.

I have only been to Africa a few times, but have had several “bucket list” experiences! Finding white rhino on bush walk, spending time with wild dog pups at den, spending time with cheetah mom and “honey badger” youngsters, tracking a cheetah on foot and watching her make a kill. But truthfully, every moment spent in the bush in Africa is a “bucket list” moment!! Can’t wait to go back, but thank you Londolozi for getting me through the pandemic and keeping me going until I can return.

Nice list Chris, but your daily job is a bucket list entry for all of us!

Thanks Bob and Lucie. I definitely don’t take it for granted!

Well Chris, those are certainly bucket list sightings for any visitor to Londolozi. I’ve been fortunate to experience a couple of these wow! moments but have yet to share that special time with a mother leopard and her young cubs there. (The closest I’ve come is a short viewing with Ntsumi and her 6 month old cub whilst at SabiSabi.)I’m patient so perhaps during my next visit, although any sighting there is brilliant. I still feel blessed for having seen the Othawa male on two drives and 8 leopards -bucket list bonanza!!

I’m sure your patience will pay off Denise – it always does out here in the bush. And it will be even more rewarding after the long wait. But I am glad you have experienced so many of the items on the list. I actually recall being in a sighting with you on the airstrip with the Othawa male during your last trip here.

Good picks for the first 5, can’t wait to see the next 5.

A really nice blog Chris – I enjoyed all of it. I loved the video of the lion roaring and had to have a laugh. It was like he was performing this just for everyone on the vehicle – it was as though he looked to you all for applause at his mighty roar. Loved your pics for the bucket list. Thanks for sharing with us.

Hi Chris, I have experienced most of these in recent years, including a pangolin with you 2 years ago! I true highlight for me. I’m planning on being there this coming November and hope to work with you again. Tom & I have so enjoyed our time there.

I remember that pangolin sighting like it was yesterday! Looking forward to having and Tom back in November.

I forgot to add small cats! Serval, black- footed cats and wildcats…

Senior Digital Ranger

Very nice discussion! I’ve never been to Londolozi, but I worked close by for a few years. I stayed a number of times at Dullstroom. I have my own story of a fascinating sighting of baboons at Makapansgat, but perhaps that will have to wait until another day.

1. Male lion coalition roaring and fighting with lionesses who are protecting tiny cubbies. 2. Female leopard and 2 subadult cubs calmly sharing an nyala dinner with their father without aggression. 3. Single lioness hunting and catching/killing a wildebeest about 5 feet in front of your vehicle. 4. Elephant bull shaking a palm nut tree 10 feet behind your vehicle and having the nuts fall onto your guide’s head. 5. Mama cheetah with 3 subadult cubs chasing and catching a Thomsen’s Gazelle and then letting the cubs take over the practice hunt. I could go on and on and on with fantastic sightings! (Oh also…..the male jaguar catching and killing a caiman in the rivers of the Pantanal and then dragging it out of the water and into the jungle right in front of you…)

Hi Chris, I loved your selection of top sightings, and your commentary. It must near impossible to narrow it down to 10. I cannot wait to come to Londolozi in the near future and in the meantime, I will enjoy the blogs and virtual drives. Thank you all so much!

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