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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #76

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Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for the giraffe video. I like giraffes a lot because they are such elegant creatures.

Paul, giraffes are magnificent animals and truly elegant.

Senior Digital Ranger

Could the mystery lion be the Torchwood Young Male?

Hi Lisa, I am not one hundred percent sure, we believe that it is a male from the Timbavati reserve.

Senior Digital Ranger

Love seeing a new highlight video! That male better start thinking smarter if he wants to survive! He got lucky this time!

He got very lucky this time.

Senior Digital Ranger

I forgot to mention the look on your face as this confrontation was happening looked terrified for the what could happen!

It was pretty terrifying, and the sound was intense.

Interesting male. Lots of hair around his face already and he looks wellfed…. but I don’t know him 😉

He is a handsome young male, we believe he is from the Timbavati Reserve.

Great sightings of the giraffes,, wonderful to see Inyathini again

Thank you, Jutta.

This new lion has a cute look! His mane is irresistible. I wish him luck, maybe he can form an alliance with the othe young male that is alone? The Inyathini male is spectacular, so sorry he has to run away from other male leopards. How much can a male leopardsurvivein his late years?. The giraffe and elephants were a surprise, just in front of you… I’m always amazed by the trust all those wild creatures have in you. Super video!

He is an attractive young male and has a very decent mane already. The Inyathini Male has done well to survive up until this point. As long as he can avoid confrontation with other leopards and lions he should be alright, I have heard of male leopards living up to 15 years old. As long as he doesn’t suffer from organ failure or injure himself while hunting he will be alright for a few more years.

The new young male lion is playing a very very risky game…… but he is absolutely gorgeous! You panicked all of us when you originally thought that he was the Nkuhuma male! Hope this young guy survives, and who knows…..maybe even finds the NK male to partner up with!

Indeed, a very risky game that he is playing and so lucky to get away with merely a few cuts and bruises. Initially, we thought so as he “was” the only lone young male on Londolozi. Obviously we were wrong and only in having a close look at him and asking around that we could get an idea of who he might be.

Your game drive highlights are my highlights of the day/ week. Thanks Sean!
What an exciting and also beautiful (giraffes) week. It is really interesting that during the last few months so many new lions have come to Londolozi. It was very brave (or maybe rather stupid?) of the newcomer to try and get some meat of the kill.

Thank you, Christa. There have been a lot of new lions roaming through Londolozi. This is most likely a coincidence, combined with the lack of the Othawa Male calling off to the west. Coincidence being a number of new young males becoming nomadic around the same time.
I think it was rather stupid of the young male to walk into the whole pride and males.

Sean that chase off was quite intense and the sounds they made my hair raise up on the back of my neck. Very glad the new male lion got away, such a beautiful lion. This Inyathini male leopard looks good for his age. Shame I feel sorry for him because he is now nomadic male. Elephants are so stunning. I love watching them. Good to see the Birmingham male lion has recovered from his injuries.

Valmai it was so intense hearing those noises. And still, the video does not portray the true volume and intensity of the sound.

Senior Digital Ranger

Fabulous footage. These videos are always so special. Your narration and caring for the well being of these magnificent animals is very much appreciated. That rogue male looked so much like the Othawa male to me. I wonder if he might be a sibling?

Thank you so much, Johanna. That young male does look somewhat like the Othawa Male to me too. But I believe that he is of no relation, our sources say that he is quite likely a male from the Timbavati Reserve further north of here.

A nice drive Sean. So glad to see the Birmingham boys looking much better. Fel sorry for the poor outsider who wanted a piece of the kill. It appears he almost lost his manhood. Hope the wounds will heal – he is a nice looking cat. Also nice to see the tower of giraffes – they are so majestic. Enjoyed the clip. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, again Leonie, the new young male was lucky to survive with only a few cuts and bruises.

Hi Sean, I loved the videos this week, especially seeing the Inyathini male after so long without a sighting. I had hoped he was keeping a low profile nearby and seems I was right. He looked great for 13 years!
How exciting to see all those lions on that kill, especially my favorite, the Birmingham male. The unknown male seemed rather dense to believe he could partake in the feast- he learned that the pride is not interested in inviting him to the party.

Always good to view elephants and a treat to see the journey of bachelor giraffes. Thanks!

Hi Denise, it was so great to see the Inyathini Male again and looking in such good condition for an older male.
We were surprised to see that new young male lion walking in there hoping to grab a piece of the carcass and he is lucky to get away with his life.

Digital Tracker

Great video, thanks Sean!

Thanks, Carly.

The male is from the BlackDam Pride. One of 6 male offspring of the Giraffe Male Lion.

Great, thank you so much.

What smashing week Sean ‼️❤️ super footage if the Eli’s and giraffe but what a great find to see the Birmingham male’s looking a lot stronger and enjoying a feast, briefly disrupted with the unknown lion. Lucky he got away with his life ! Wonderful to know too that the Inyathini male is very much alive and enjoying his latter years. Thanks for sharing 🙏❤️

Senior Digital Ranger

Such an exciting video Sean! I loved the light on the journey of giraffe… so beautiful.

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