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on Birmingham males chase Ntsevu sub-adults

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Hi Jess, is there any hope the sub-adults and the young male of the video will join forces? Are they from different fathers? And the Othawa, such a wonderful healthy lion, did he leave any male behind? Pictures are gorgeous and the expression of the elder… until they fall, you see lions are above

The male in the video is from another pride and they do not have the same father. These sub adults are sired by the Birmingham Males. Whereas the male in the video is sired by the Giraffe Male lion from the BlackDam Pride.
The Ntsevu male sub adults will likely stick together and form their own coalition. The female subs will either stay with the pride or form a breakaway pride of their own.

Jess I hope that the sub-adults will soon find a new lion to mate with so that there won’t be inter breeding. Maybe that young lion that Sean showed us on the video would be ideal for the females. Birmingham lions are very impressive and show off their dominance. Beautiful foto’s of the lions. Hope also that the sub-adults male lions will find other females to mate with to start their own family.

Jess, what an exciting story! The lion family dynamics are pretty amazing. We wonder if they know each other by sight or just their calls? The Birmingham males still look strong!

We enjoy reading your posts Jess, sorry Kyle and Prof didn’t introduce us!

Well, this is one way to show the sub adults who’s in control of the territory. Good to know the Birmingham brothers are doing so well, looking strong and continuing to protect their pride. Good photos of them!

Great photos, Jess.
The interactions of these lions are really very exciting at the moment.
It is so interesting to be able to follow all this excitement via your blogs.

It must have been a very exciting and glorious day. It is amazing and impressive how the lions guard their territory with such force and determination. Wonderful photos to view. 📸👍🦁 Thank you for sharing with us. 🤩

An interesting morning Jess. I wonder if the sub adults feel any sadness at their father/s turning their backs on them or whether like some humans they are content to move on into the unknown. I’m sure it’s all instinct and expected but its sad to see them pushed out. At least they have each other to fall back on.

interesting family squabble! can’t wait to see how this goes. Thank you Victoria

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