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Shannon was first exposed to Londolozi as a guest when she was a young girl. Straight away she was in awe at the warm feeling she got from the people and the place. After growing up in Johannesburg she graduated with honours in ...

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on If Londolozi Were A Tree, Which One Would It Be?

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Hi Shannon, I can only fancy the awe you feel in front of a Marula tree . There’s a wonderful documentary series Rooted about African trees, it is moving and inspiring. You see how many creatures animals and plants depend on it. They need to be protected at all costs

Lovely pictures and a wonderful story.

Shannon, thanks for sharing a special story. We loved the way you tied in the Londolozi family with the environment, and the contribution the Varty family has made to the environment, and to creating a better future for so many through the Good Work Foundation! It must be wonderful to have the special Pioneer deck to experience the incredible diversity that surrounds you!

Shannon, thanks for highlighting trees. They are the life blood of our planet as well as beautiful to look at and interact with.

Beautifully written, Shannon.

Beautiful parallels.

Thank you for this wonderful story relating the Londolozi family to a Marula tree. The parallels were spot on and the choice of accompanying photos absolutely perfect. Enjoy your free time gazing at the Marula trees from the Pioneer camp deck.

Shannon your comparison between the Marula tree and Londolozi is awesome. I’m sure if a person stands in front of a Marula tree you can feel the goodness of this tree. It feeds so many different animals and off course the leopards love this huge tree to be able to take their kill up there and eat it in peace. Londolozi is a magnificent place , a paradise for everyone and all animals

The Marula Tree has played a prominent role in my life from when I first went to my aunt’s farm in the Waterberg and ate my aunt’s Marula Jam and ate fresh Marula fruit too. Later came the Amarula Cream! Also delicious!! Thank you to all Marula Trees! You are very special! Wendy M

Shannon I loved your blog and I am a tree hugger. They are the life’s blood of the planet. I applaud the Varty family for their environmental concerns and their Good Work Foundation. It is heartwarming to know they are protecting the precious wildlife that exists within their boundary. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You have a terrific office setting and that has to be a bonus.

What a super blog and comparison to the Londolozi family Shannon. You couldn’t gave chosen a better tree. So beautifully written thanks 🙏❤️

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks! Finally found marula liquor here in Texas. Makes me fondly remember South Africa and working in the bush, although, to be honest, I normally don’t care for sweet liquors.

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