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Jemma grew up on a farm in the Midlands Meander in Kwa-Zulu Natal and studied at the University of Cape Town. With little bush experience but with many hours of au pairing, teaching English and forming a love for travel, Jemma found herself ...

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on Tips From Our Nature Reunion Ambassadors: Part 3

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Dear Tracker, I feel a way in between all of you… I can’t get away of water, its my element. But I have to think “feet on the ground ” and be empowered by light. And yes, I just love leopard too and tbe Mashaba female even if I never met her…

I connect with the fire and water stories because both elements move with earth’s forces ,adapting to the wind and obstacles. Humans could serve the earth better if they adopted this wisdom of nature.

Greg & Joy–totally agree with both of you!
We enjoyed the depth of your knowledge, feelings, and insights when we spent 12 wonderful days with you last month!

Christina your poem that you shared with us is so beautiful and considerate towards everyone that use the water downstream. Water is the whole being of life and existence. Joy your excitement when finding a leopard is wonderful. Mashaba is my favorite leopard as well. The fire makes a person relax and Greg I’m you can think off what the day has brought about. Also being in the bush and at night must be special, listening to all the sounds of the animals and knowing your out there with them. How absolutely wonderful. Wish I could also be there to appreciate nature at it’s best, in the bush.

So enjoying these Blogs Jemma 🙏. Such a pleasure to read how each person connects to nature and their surroundings. I can certainly connect to being by a camp fire with the sounds of the bush..I love watching the flicker of flames and the dying embers..creating images, much like a cloud in the sky. Water..I find the sound so soothing in a river and the sea breaking on a shore so powerful which seems to fill me with energy. Joy, I’m not sure I could be as brave as you and feel so at home tracking leopard but I would do anything to be by your side one day to feel the excitement !

So glad to hear you are enjoying them Cally.

The night sky full of brilliant stars, sitting around a fire talking in nice company, wonderful trees and rivers, sitting quietly and listen for the sounds of animals and nature that’s really so relaxing, beautiful and empowering. I agree completely with Joy that leopards most often hear, smell and see us long before we see them. And if they are in the mood they present themselves to us humans. I am grateful for this to the leopards.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these thoughts by these three nature ambassadors once again and especially the poem Christina shared with us. Personally I find solace in each of these elements, fire and water. The dancing flames remind me of fire sprites when sitting around a campfire and the sound of water whether it be raindrops on a tin roof or gurgling in a brook brings a peacefulness. I love the thought of Joy thinking like a leopard in the hopes of finding one- perhaps next visit I can try thinking like a leopard. 😎

Jemma, thanks for three more wonderful insights! Greg is one of our favorite Rangers and it was great to hear how Joy loves to track our favorite leopard – Mashaba! We also loved seeing the image of Joy sitting on top of Ximpalapala at sunset. That is one of the beautiful places we imagine ourselves visiting on stressful nights – when it’s tough to get to sleep! Christina’s connection with water is so special and we loved her poem! Thanks for these inspiring stories!

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