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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on Trevor the Tracker

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Hi Trevor best wishes to you both sometimes I wish I could do the same as you live life to thr full and have the animals trust which is amazing

My husband & myself had a wonderful 2020 Christmas safari experience at Londolozi and were lucky enough to have Trevor as our tracker. Knowledgeable, Calm and Persevering would be great words to describe Trevor. Not to mention an amazingly bright smile! I have repeated numerous times the story of when we were driving along with Trevor out on his tracker seat, & a big black mamba snake reared up out of the grasses just 8 ft from him. He had to have felt his life pass before him, but he knew exactly what to do in that instant! Not to mention our guide, Guy’s quick reaction of throwing the jeep in reverse, was equally instantaneous. I remain in awe of Trevor’s calm reaction & how they both were able to put us all at ease, albeit this was not an everyday occurrence.

Robert, thanks for sharing Trevor’s story! It’s great to hear how the two of you have become so close and we know that the bonds between tracker and ranger are special. We wish the best to both of you in your exciting journey together!

W met Trevor 2 years ago and he is certainly very cool! Disappeared into the bush for ages looking for a leopard with a new kill. He found it of course! Please give him our very best.

We have experienced several different trackers during our visits–all very capable and all with different personalities.
One thing they all had in common was enhancing the guest experience.

Lovely story…..I am always in awe of these amazing trackers and all that they know! and yes…..their ability to calmly face danger every day!

We had the pleasure of seeing Trevor and Robbie coordinate their tracking skills together . Our Londolozi experience was enriched by seeing both these gentlemen react to specific game encounters.
Keep up the great work and can’t wait to be there again.
Lou ,Ann Marie and Lori Ann

Rob, what a wonderful tribute for your friend and tracker, Trevor. I think you’re both fortunate to have been paired together, each of you learning together. The relationship between guide and tracker is important on so many levels but especially for guests who rely on your expertise, respect, sense of humor, and enthusiasm for your job. Trackers are like your dominant hand, making your life in the bush much easier.

Robbie you are so privileged to have Trevor as your tracker. The two of you compliment each other in your work and you can learn from each other. I wish that I could be there everyday doing what you two are doing.

I should like to meet Trevor and hear his stories. He sounds like a wonderful person, you’ve written an awesome tribute, Robbie.

I admire the tracking skills of Trevor and the other trackers at Londolozi.
I often wonder how you are doing it.

Hi Robert and Trevor. Just writing to wish you both a VERY happy life in the Bush together! It sounds as if you two are well on your way to being a very successful team. All the best. Wendy M

You obviously have found a friend and tracker in the same body! Next time we come to Londolozi I would love to meet you both. Victoria

Robert, I appreciate your thoughts about working and learning to work alongside Trevor. In life, as we work with associates on all levels, it’s very important that we get to know all about them, their lives before they worked with us. In addition, their personal lives, their life’s hopes and future plans. Very insightful and well written. Thank you! 👍😎👋🤩

Digital Ranger

Having just spent 8 days with Trev and Robbie, I can say first hand these 2 are great together. They respect one another, they push one another and you can see that they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. I look forward to returning to Londolozi in the coming years to see their progress! Best to you both and thank you again for a wonderful visit.

A really nice blog about Trevor Robert. It is nice that the two of you have formed a friendship beyond your working together. This shared friendship gives you both an insight to your backgrounds, likes and dislikes and different cultures. All good stuff. Thank you both for sharing with us.

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