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California native, travel junkie, animal lover...... have traveled to Africa a half dozen times to fulfill my lust for observing animals in their natural habitat. Looking forward to spending some time at Londolozi in the near future.

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Lovely, thank you!! It did make me wonder how the Tsalala’s are getting on right now………..

Denise, your pictures are magnificent. Thanks for sharing your safari with the Londolozi digital world. The allure of Africa and the animals is strong and yet renewing when we see the new babies.

Senior Digital Ranger

Nicely done, Denise, perhaps you can fill James Tyrrell’s shoes (though they’re mighty big shoes).

Such a wonderful collection of a fantastic week, I’m sure. How interesting that the mother elephant seemed to have one tusk that was growing in the opposite direction. Glad it’s not inhibiting her. Thanks for sharing images of your trip!

Hello Denise! I can’t believe your luck with sooo many leopards! You made epic pictures… the Othawa and the Birmingham males, the Tsalalas… all main characters of Londolozi heroes series are there! The Mashaba female is the only missing. I would love to take a picture of a Guineafowl too , bravo for doing that! Thank you for this gift

Master Tracker

Super photos – spotting a birth is very special

Denise. Wow great pictures. Like you I had the “Londolozi Effect” on my first visit and it never went away. Thanks for keeping the felling alive

Denise, absolutely loved your week in pictures! Thanks for sharing.

What fabulous photographs Denise! You certainly have an eye for getting the right angle and light! It has been many years since we last visited Londolozi but it still remains a special place for us and one we HOPE to enjoy again soon. Thank you for sharing your story 🙏💓

You had a great week and I’m so sorry I was unable to be there and meet you as we’d discussed. We have 2 weeks reserved in April ‘22 and are so looking forward to it! Some fun photos – I love that Giant Kingfisher!

I enjoyed your week in pictures very much indeed! It reminded me of my own stay at Londolozi, I was there at the same time watching the same animals. And Londolozi really is one of the most amazing places in Africa. A magical kingdom of animals.

Senior Digital Ranger

Gorgeous photos-truly as well as such a heartfelt blog piece. I envy you spending time with the breathtaking Othawa male. I so wish I could have seen him and the Tsalala female and her daughter! Wow! A lot to envy here 🙂

Denise, your beautiful soul informs your beautiful words and your gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing – and that is NOT a cliche!

Your pictures do a magnificent job of capturing the personality of the animals in the energy of the moment. You descriptions of the photos illuminated them even more. That combination gives those of us who haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting, a glimpse of the Londolozi magic. Thank you for generously sharing your experience with us.

A heartfelt thank you to all of my Londolozi friends for your assistance, directly or indirectly, with this diary of my week’s stay: Kirst, Lucky, Guy, James Souchon, Sean, Simon, Jenna, Amanda, Kim(🥂)Christina, and JV for his songs and stories. Until next time……

Your foto’s are beautiful and quite a ray of different species. Loved the leopards, you were very lucky to have seen so many different leopards.

Africa gets into your blood and mind and never lets go! I would love to be there right now……and I just got back 4 weeks ago!

Denise, We are so happy to see you “at” Londolozi and not just in the “comments!” Your post is fantastic and your images are incredible! We are very jealous as our trip in July had to be moved back a year. 🙁 Thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us. You have quite a few amazing images to print and frame. Hope you have plenty of wall space at home!

You had quite a week with leopards, lions and many other fantastic sightings. You can take the girl out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the girl. I’m sure you already have planned your next visit to home.

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