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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on A Deeper Look

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Good to read again lessons of biology thank you Kyle it brings me back in time! The bommslang eyes are hypnotising but not really to match with a leopard… i held my breath on the first picture and melt on the last one! They’re the top as far as eye look and expression only cheetah can rival. Utmost beautiful photos and useful lesson i can use it myself when I teach thank for the input!

Hi Francesca, I’m glad you enjoyed!! It was a fun rabbit hole to go down, exploring the history of the eye.

Eyes of animals can tell a story all on its own. Take the leopard when looking so intently at a impala, they hardly even blink to make sure they don’t miss the opportunity to hunt. Animals in distress can make you cry, looking deeper into those eyes you see fear, pain, then they look at you and are asking for help. Baby leopards and those blue eyes make you just want to pick them up and cuddle them. You can also see in humans if they are sad, happy or upset.

Good read Kyle! Great to learn so much about the eye–other than as a target for a camera lens.
Good to meet you last week!

It was great to meet you too. And I hope we’ll see you soon!

Fantastic article! And yes those teeny tiny baby cat eyes are enough to turn us all into mush!

Thanks for this inSIGHTful blog post. All the photos are beautiful!

Love it! Thanks Marcia

A fascinating and great article on eyesight and light. Thanks!

Good research and information Kyle. Eyes are fascinating as they truly are windows to the soul. I just completed watching the Serengeti 2 series and if anyone doubts animals have emotions, the animals’ eyes totally told their stories. Eyes are definitely a photographer’s focal point but only a starting point for the story to be told.

Agree with you 100% there Denise.

Interesting study Kyle. The eye is as some say the window onto the soul. The cameras caught some wonderful pictures of the eyes of the animals. Thanks for another unique perspective.

As a mammal, I am fortunate to see the beauty of nature and the eyes of others. The close-up of the leopard and the lion’s eye are stunning to the blue gray eyes of the leopard cub. Thanks for sharing

Absolute pleasure Linda. Thanks for taking the time to give it a read.

Master Tracker

Beautiful photography and so well researched

It is always fascinating to learn more about the animals. You are. order t we don’t often think about why and how different animals’ eyes. You are right the blue eyes of a leopard cub enchant us all! Victoria

Kyle, what an incredible and educational post. We so enjoy the blogs when you and your team take us more into detail and allow us to learn more about the wildlife that we are so passionate about. Thank you!

Thank you to you both, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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