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on Londolozi x The Joinery – Why Sustainable Business Matters

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Great post Amanda, I ve been fighting for ages against pollution and plastic waste that’s damaging nature especially the sea. We eat fish and seaweed most are contaminated with plastic we should really care about it… not to mention turtles big fish and sea birds that eat it as well, directly or indirectly

Lovely blog Amanda and well done to Natalie and Kim doing the ultimate to recycle the plastic bottles into beautiful products. We need more of you in the world to clean up this spillage of plastic, especially in our seas. So devastating to our environment. This can inspire others to help clean the earth and produce some beautiful products.

These women are an inspiration! One of the ma y good things about living in France for 12 years is that the French banned plastic bags in grocery stores, and many other businesses. The result is that I have a large collection of tote bags that hold lots of items safely. I am known as the no plastic lady at the grocery store and new baggers are told no plastic. I can see that I can go thru may mit hen and make changes that eliminate other plastics. Thank you for the tips. Victoria

Just returned from a wonderful visit, and the products look & feel terrific. We loved the slippers which were available in our room.
Good luck!

What a great way to reduce plastic waste! And thanks for the tips for at home. The slippers made of plastic bottles you use are really good.

Recycling is one of the most important things we a humans can do. Our family has been turning plastic into carpet for years. Keep up reminding everyone that so far we only have one planet!! Lets take good care of it..

Thanks Amanda for this article highlighting The Joinery duo, Kim and Natalie. It is heartening to read that they followed their father’s lead, setting up a business that would employ locals but all the while looking to find ways to preserve and protect the environment when developing products. I love their product line and only wished I had luggage room to take more home than a hat!
We finally have reusable produce bags here so that buying at the farmer’s market doesn’t necessitate the use of plastic bags-big step forward. One person, one change can make a difference!!

Amanda, this was a great article on sustainable businesses especially in the area of plastics. I love the hat. I went to their web site to see all of their collection. It looks fabulous. Thanks.

Amanda and Team Joinery! This is an amazing and brilliant story of some of the wonderful ways that sustainable businesses can make a difference! We will do our best to support these pioneers!

If everyone can do a small thing every day then we can make a big change! Thank you Londolozi for promoting companies and products making a difference.

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