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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on The Joys of Bird Photography

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I like to birdwatch kingfishers also here where I live there are magnificent ones. No other Eagle can compete with he Bateleur Eagle it’s a spectacular bird i was mesmerised by its courtship flights. I love Guineafowls too i find them so funny. Geese and ducks are my favourite so this picture is a masterwork in itself and a pleasure to see!

What a wonderful collection of bird photos! In the U.S cities we do not have the range of species you have. It seems to me that you have an incredible collection of beautifully birds, it to mention the variety of eagles . I always love spitting the. URSS when we are out on safari at Londolozi ! Thanks for sharing!! Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

It’s not my amateur attempts that frustrate my photos of birds, they just aren’t as “relaxed” around the vehicles so don’t linger long enough for me to get well positioned! LOL Well done Chris!!

I did the exact same thing this year during our viral waves and lockdowns! New camera for Christmas, and spent some time learning how to use it by photographing birds near me….including in my backyard and local parks! I definitely learned a bit about patience in setting up a shot, and some of their preflight behaviors too!

Stof such lekker pics , some awesome shots. Great to see a full on birding blog for a change, keep it up!!

Thanks so much Frank! Glad you enjoyed it.

Have been an avid birder/photographer for several years and agree with your sentiments… it is challenging and rewarding. The birds I have photographed in South Africa are among my favorite birds seen anywhere, and I look forward to more bird adventures when I return. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos

Chris your foto’s are beautiful and the birds are so full of color. Each one is different in stature and each one is significant in it’s own right. The sunbird has so many different colors and as does the bee-eater. The knob billed ducks were really going at each other. Kingfishers are also stunning in color. The snake eagle can’t believe what is happening to him so high up in the tree. Gorgeous foto’s thanks Chris.

Wonderful photos. Is there anything better than hearing and seeing a woodland kingfisher?

British Birds are amazing. Your African birds with their wonderful colours are a level above.

Great blog Chris. Birding can be a joy! For years while hiking or kayaking the camera and field guide always came along. One of the best memories I have (although the photos came out a bit blurry) was when an osprey dove into the water next to the kayak and came up with a fish. Suddenly a bald eagle comes out of the trees. They tussled causing the osprey to drop the fish, which the eagle caught and flew off with… Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos many of which I had previously favorited!

When I was fortunate to stay in Londolozi some years ago, one of the things I wrote in the guestbook upon leaving was “Came for the leopards; stayed for the birds.” Your wonderful photos remind me of that.

What a treat today! Once, we splurged and hired our own Rover there, so we could concentrate on birds. It was wonderful. I love that one birding tale: One birder was having a hard time getting his fellow birders on a sighting. There, there, he said…just to the right and up from that leopard’s tail. That’s us!

Fantastic bird photos, Chris! As you know, I am also very keen on watching birds and taking photos of them. And Londolozi is such a good place to do this.

Super impressive photos Chris! Gosh I would be so chuffed to even captured just one of them. As you rightly say, it’s extremely difficult capturing the perfect shot of a flighty, sometimes small bird, in dense foliage. I’ve always loved bird watching and now even more so, being away from the bush but, I have to say I’ve never mastered the art of getting the perfect shot. Fabulous..well done 🙏

Hope your family and friends in Kwa Zulu-Natal are safe!

Thank you Vin. A bit chaotic but thankfully we’re all safe.

Chris, thank you so much for sharing your joy of photographing birds. It is not a skill that comes easily as my bird photographer friends have told me. Patience and practice is key to success and fulfillment. It wasn’t until this last trip to SabiSand that I became more serious about looking for subjects to “shoot” and thanks to Kirst’s enthusiasm and coaching, I managed to get some good photos. So now it’s more fun to look for birds whether I’m holding a camera, or not.

Chris, It looks like your time at home learning how to take advantage of your new equipment paid off! Your bird images are just incredible and have inspired us to work on that while we are at home too!

Taken me a long time to get to this Chris, but have to say you sure did a great job of phographing birds – all excellent. You have some beautiful birds over there and thanks for sharing.

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