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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate game Drive Highlights #67

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Spectacular video! The leopard and the monkey in particular. I felt for the buffalo… do you know why do cheetah roll like that? Smell, parasites ,heat or? I just love them

Sawn, chearas🤗,lions🤗

Sean, lions🤗, cceatas

So fantastic to see the Cheetah female, she is looking so good. Mashaba chasing the monkey in the tree is really something out of the ordinary. Shame I felt sorry for the buffalo that was caught by the lions, but that is nature and they must eat , seeing that there were a lot of lions present there. Also the sub adults lions that caught the impala, was extraordinary footage and the sounds that they make when they eat. Thanks Sean beautiful video this week.

Master Tracker

Some superb predator viewing

Great videos Sean, though the one with the buffalo is indeed not for sensitive nerves. Poor buffalo. It’ snot the hunt, but the suffering of that animal.
The monkey jumping around in the tree kind of teasing the leopard is really funny.
And the cheetah looks so beautiful and healthy.

So glad to hear that you are getting back to a normal. It sounds like the guests had a real treat with the Nkuhuma’s on a buffalo kill and the many other wonderful sightings.

Gosh what an extraordinary week you have all had Sean. Some incredible sightings for your full house of guests, though perhaps the buffalo was a bit hard to handle…all in all it seems that everyone, including the game are celebrating at the fact that you have a full house. So pleased for you all, just sad that we are not there to join in the festive mood 😞

Hi Cally, we are overjoyed with how the bookings are picking up and the ability to share most of the sightings with the guests on the ground as well as some of them with everyone else through the virtual platforms.

Senior Digital Ranger

I’m sorry, but in my mind, I see the lions in contrast to how us humans behave. 🙂 – First off, could you imagine hearing us eat and behave at the dinner table like lions do? It would be less than comical, as it would be considered barbaric. Hearing and seeing them eat is delightful in its own way, because it lets us know they’re having a meal. Second, when I see the lions going after the water buffalo to “prepare” for their meal, all I can think of is, Lions on KETO diet. Hahaha 🙂 .. (Seriously!! People who are devout to doing KETO will BUY A WHOLE COW and a huge freezer and have the cow meat sliced up for their meals. In contrast, it is drastic seeing how the lions capture and eat their meal. – If you were to caption the looks on the lions faces as they’re going after the buffalo, I personally see the happy look on the lion’s face as, “We got a meal!”
In thought of the Cheetah, (silly me) sees her as a “big cat” out in the wild being being a “big kitty” enjoying the day outdoors and taking care of herself. 🙂 (That’s how cat owners are in thinking.)
Lastly, the Leopard being put through a dither by the monkey looked like the two of them were having a bit of fun. (Especial for the Leopard). In thought of captioning the two, I bet the Leopard was cheerfully saying,..”I’m gonna get you! I’m gonna get you!” 🙂
All in all, your video is filled with “character” this week Sean.

Hi Mama Lioness, thank you. We can only wonder what is going through their minds as they are in the process of obtaining their next meal.

Enjoyed the video Sean, but have to admit that I chickened out of watching the buffalo kill. I realize it is nature, but can’t bear to witness it or hear the buff. Really enjoyed the monkey clip – amusing. Thanks for sharing and so glad you are finally getting some guests. Stay safe all of you.

Hi Leonie, it is just a short clip of the lions attempting to bring the buffalo down, we appreciate it can be a difficult thing to witness. I am glad you enjoyed the rest though. It is fantastic to have guests streaming back in too/

Hello Sean, please don’t think that was a complaint about the lions and buffalo, I always change channels when watching nature shows if there is killing – I think it is mainly the sounds the prey make that makes me feel bad. Thank you for getting back to me – I really enjoyed the rest of the video though. Stay safe and glad you now have guests again.

Digital Tracker

Great video thanks Sean! Are you single cause you’re super cute! 😍

Senior Digital Ranger

the killing of the buffalo reminds me of our most succesful safari up until now , with James Souchon being our guide in the different lodges , it was amazing , it was 2015 and we were lucky to see it and much more !

Sean, That’s and incredible set of videos! Loved seeing our Mashaba chasing the monkey! The video of the Cheetah from behind on the mound is so cool too! It was hard to watch the lion kill, but that is life in the bush for sure. Thanks for another great week of videos!

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