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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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on The Week in Pictures #497

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I’m afraid to ask….but did the female Ximungwe cub not make it? What happened? 🙁
So excited for the wild dog updates!!!
I feel your pain on the reflection shot….worst feeling missing a shot like that! There will be many more.
The Nweti male is gorgeous!
And finally….the buffalo kill….gruesome and epic all at once!!

So ignore that question on Ximungwe….I was thinking of Ndzanzeni 🤦‍♀️ been a long week haha!

Great week, great actions and wonderful photos

Hi, all pictures are fantastic and drama is recurrent from the spider with its prey remains to the male leopard with the impala to the lioness and the buffalo. In the middle relaxing pictures of zebras, giraffe elephants and leopards strolling. Nedless to say that the Ximungwe female with her cub are the top of it. The Mashaba female even if i never saw her personally I look forward to and hope she will be living for long…

Sean, What an amazing set of images and so much to digest in your update! It’s interesting to see some of the leopard dynamics changing and new faces joining the Londolozi story. The Nweti male looks like a serious predator and it will be interesting to see him define his territory. Is he related to any of the leopards that we know? Where did his name come from?

Thanks Michael and Terri, a lot has been going on this last week. The Nweti male has been around for a couple years now but was very seldomly seen in the far reaches of Dudley. He is now venturing further north and making his presence known near to where the Maxims male and Senegal Bush males’ territories meet. He was born in Singita in 2014, his mother is the Hlaba’nkunzi female, and his father the Nyelethi male. He then established territory in southeastern Dudley in 2019.

N’weti is probably one of the most dominant males in the Sabi Sands at the moment,he has the size and attitude necessary to be very successful.Great to see he has inherited the mane from his father Nyeleti and his grandfather Tyson(Marthly male).

He certainly has the size, we will wait to see if he starts pushing further north into Londolozi, which seems very likely at the moment.

GREAT photos this week! Love the reflection shot of the young Ximungwe cubbie!

Thank you Lisa

Wonderful TWIP! Love the update on so many leopards Have been wondering about the status of the Nanga female, last discussed with a leg wound. Is she ok?

Thank you so much Mary Beth. We have not seen the Nanga female for a while, she has been spending her time north of our boundary. We haven’t heard of anything detrimental from the guys in the north so I am sure she is alright. I will try to find out and let you know.

Thanks, Sean! Been “following” her since 2010…

My goodness but that is a huge buffalo bull that the lions pulled down, good foto of that. Lovely to see the leopards again, can never get enough of the leopards foto’s. The Nweti male leopard I am not familiar with, but all the others are known to me especially Mashaba female which is my favorite leopard. Lovely to see the Ximungwe female and her beautiful cub. Senegal bush male is such a stunning leopard also one of my favorites. The three giraffe’s on the airstrip makes you wonder what are they looking at, could be you Rangers taking the foto’s of them. Zebra’s are looking good and always on the go.

Great variety of photos this week. Great image, Nick!

Sean, loaprds🤗

Same, loopards🤗

Very interesting, especially zebras and a great selection of leopards.

Hi Sean and Nick! Great selection of photos and great to see an update on the Mashaba Female (one of my two favorite females on Londolozi)!. My other favorite is the Ndzanzeni Female and was wondering if you all have seen her and her cubs recently? Thanks so much!

Hi Michael, Thank you. Yes the Ndzandzeni female and her cubs have been seen and all three are doing well. The mother still has a limp but is no longer as bad as it was.

Thank you for so many wonderful pictures of the week! The baby leopard looking on a tad nervous was adorable and always I love seeing the giraffes, elephants and birds! Victoria

Thanks Victoria. It is such a cute cub.

Thank you Nick and Sean for the incredible week in pictures; from the pensive look of the Ximungwe cub whilst drinking ( I know how you feel about missing that reflection shot of the mom and cub side by side), the artistic detail shots of the elephant, the powerful gaze of the Nweti male(I watched him in a stand-off with the White Dam male), and everything else. Any sighting of the Piccadilly female and her cub or Xinzele? Looking forward to more information about the wild dog’s den site. Any activity?

What a great selection of fabulous shots Sean…it certainly has been, as always, a super week at Londolozi ‼️. The Nweti Male is huge and so very handsome with his ruffled collar. He certainly looks as though he may cause trouble among the resident males. Well done to Nick too for capturing that stunning shot of the Ximungwe female and her cub. Lastly being close enough to witness the taking down of that massive buffalo must have been Tragic but incredible . Thank you for sharing Sean 🙏🏻💕

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