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on A Morning Spent With The Newest Lion Cubs

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This blog story is a real gift! I hope all five cubs survive it is a difficult task for the mother. Moving photos and animal interactions

Thank you very much. We all hope for their survival.

Master Tracker

Oh such super photos

They are just soooo cute! Great photos of the six of them, mother and cubs.
It’s great to watch these little ones growing into very efficient adults. Well, it still takes a lot of time, of course.

Guy, congratulations on such a great sighting. Clearly your patience, perseverance, and a little luck, paid off! We look forward to seeing and hearing more about this family, and it will be exciting to watch them grow up. Thanks again for a great post!

Thanks very much Michael and Terri, hopefully more will come soon when they come back on to our property.

Great account of what was I’m sure a great sighting Guy! Am curious about something. A number of the Ntsevu females have birthed five cubs in the past, while it seems many other prides’ females normally have the typical 2-4 cubs. Is there something genetically predisposing the Ntsevu females to having so many in one litter, or do you think it is possible other lionesses elsewhere do have five cubs sometimes but not all make it?

Hi Michael, in the previous litter not many of them birthed 5, in fact a number of them birthed the usual 2-4 cubs but we believe it was the same female who birthed 5 in the previous litter. It may be something genetical about this female and her being more fertile and being able to produce more eggs while copulating as lions are induced ovulates and only produce eggs while mating.

So happy to have been your guest for this incredible experience!

Always such a great time with the both of you.

Absolutely wonderful! A morning with lion cubbies is just pure fun!

Oh so precious these 5 little cubs, absolutely gorgeous. They all look well feed and very lively playing with one another. It seems to me when mom stops she is counting them to make sure all 5 are there. Nature is so beautiful and us human beings , we can learn so much from nature. Thanks Guy very good sighting and much appreciated.

I certainly do believe we can learn so much from nature. Their material instinct is just incredible.

Hi there, Guy. We both think that the Mom here is a really beautiful lioness! She looks to be in very good condition indeed with a really lovely coat. The cubs are, as usual, great fun and a pain to their Mom who was trying hard to have a snooze! Well done. Lovely pics. Wendy M

Enchanting! All 5 cubs look healthy, but her teats must be very sore.

Is the female continuing to stay away from the rest of the pride? If so, is this unusual? Who is the father, perhaps not one of the Birminghams?

She has had brief interaction with some of the younger pride members but she is still keeping them away from the pride. If she were to join the pride the cubs would not be able to get food as they would be outcompeted by the adult lions. It has nothing to do with the whom the father is but more to do with their survival. The young males in the pride may also pose a threat to the cubs.

Guy, wonderful sightings of the lioness and her five cubs. It had to be a very satisfying experience for you and your guests.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great story and photos and so nice to see that the runt appears to have caught up with her siblings. So worried she wouldn’t survive.

What a marvelous story and photos. Can’t wait to see these beauties in person in a few months.

That lioness is so relaxed with the vehicle that she knows you mean no harm to her or her cubbies. How fortunate that you all got a chance to see this lioness with her five trotting behind her.

We are spoilt with the viewing here and over the years have built up such a strong relationship and trust that they are completely relaxed and comfortable with us being near to them and their cubs.

Well Guy and Shadrack, skill and patience paid off once again. What a fantastic sighting for all of you. I can’t think of any better than sitting and watching five little cubs playing and interacting with each other in addition to their mom. I can see why she looks tired – feeding them as well finding food for herself. Hopefully she’ll have some help soon when she rejoins the pride. Thank you for sharing this special blog.

Thank you Denise, I trust you keeping well. I don’t know how soon she will rejoin as it would be a big disadvantage to the cubs. She seems to be handling very well on her own at this point in time.

The lioness looks so radiant and healthy. It is hard to believe those cute little fuzz balls will become powerful killing machines someday. Here’s hoping for their survival. 🤞🏼

Great sighting–congrats.
I may have missed this but, are the cubs eating some of their mother’s captures?
Hope to see this group in 4 weeks!

Yes, they are feeding on meat already, they started almost a month ago.

These photos of a Mother Lion and her cubs were just lovely! What a perfect photo set of a great example of such a gentle take on such a strong, ferosious force in the Animal Kingdom!

Senior Digital Ranger

Although I am a couple of days late reading this blog, I have no doubt that I am viewing it at the perfect time, as today is my birthday. Seeing lion cubs on any day is special, but today is a gift.
Thank you Guy!

Wow so exciting, absolutely wonderful pictures!

I have been super busy with dreaded paper work this past week, so Im finally getting a chance to catch up on the Blog…and what a great way to reconnect with Londo and your wonderful time spent with Mum and the cubs Guy.
She is certainly doing a sterling job of caring for cubs and I do hope that all five will survive when she finally joins up with the Pride again. Look forward to more news of them from you Guy.

Incredible light! Would have been so difficult to spot the perfectly camouflaged cubs in the matching grasses.

A really nice blog Guy and loved the pics of Mum and her 5 cuties. I hope and pray they all make it to adulthood. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are welcoming guests back – it’s been a long haul for everyone. Stay safe.

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