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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #66

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Sean, Such awesome videos this week! So exciting to see the wild dogs making Londolozi their “home”. Hoping for one of the packs to den nearby so you can get up close with the pups!

Hi Michael and Terri, yes it is very exciting. As soon as we get a view of the pups we will let you know. The current den is quite a distance from camp, but amazing to have them denning on Londolozi again.

Loved the pangolin, what a wonderful surprise. Wild dogs interactions are interesting. I wonder if you may follow them on foot as you did with lions… i guess it must be too difficult

Wild dogs are fascinating animals indeed. You could follow them on foot but they cover such large distances that it would be a challenge to keep up with them. As well as if they start chasing any prey then it would be incredibly difficult to follow their tracks.

Hip hip hurrah! How exciting to have found the den after a lot of hard work on your part! Can’t wait for your return visit to check on the pack! Thank you

Thank you Victoria. It is very exciting news and we will let you know as soon as we go back to check.

WOW, twice lucky!!! I wonder how many puppies there will be, she looked huge!!

Normally they can give birth to anywhere from 2 to 20 but the average is between 6 to 10. As soon as we have more information we will let you know.

The pangolin seemed to be a bit weary to carry on with it’s hunting for termites. But a beautiful sighting indeed, something you don’t see everyday. Thanks James. I am excited about the den where the female is going to give birth. The wild dogs are absolutely beautiful and so full of energy. This will be a first then for the wild dogs to have given birth on Londolozi. What a celebration indeed. Thanks Sean .

Hi Valmai, it is such exciting news. She has given birth already, we are going to give them a bit more time to settle and establish themselves before we go and view them. The pups are also likely to remain in the den for at least two weeks before they venture out, so we are unlikely to see anything if we go there before then.

Sean,loved lions🤗

How absolutely wonderful that you saw a pangolin. So far I have never seen one and would love to.
And of course, the news that there are two or even three packs of dogs at Londolozi and they are maybe a bout to den there is fantastic as well. How really lucky you are!!

Such good news, Sean. Has the one eared female and her pack ever been seen in surrounding properties since they moved off last year?

Hi Martha, sadly not. We last had news of them crossing into Singita where they had a run-in with the Mangheni pride and I don’t think any of them made it.

So cool that you have a den for the pack there at Mala Mala and found it. You will be having more puppies bouncing around. Awesome.

This is absolutely incredible news!!!

The pangolin, most definitely the holy grail for us African wildlife seekers. Perhaps one day…. Fantastic news about the three pregnant alpha female wild dogs, but even better to learn one has denned on the property. I can hardly wait to see the videos of the new pups as viewing them last year was a highlight of the lockdown blogs. The virtual safari is such a treat each week and I’m thankful you’ve continued, even though lockdown is just about over for most of the world.

Oh yes please! Puppies!!!! And if you could keep them there until mid September I’d be HUGELY grateful!!

Digital Ranger

Thank you for your post? What happened to the pair with the one earned mama and 7 pups? I followed their story last year.

Hi Dixie, sadly we think the one-eared female never made it. Last we heard was the whole pack had crossed into our neighbours Singita and had a run-in with the Mangheni pride.

Great sequence Sean.
Recall that we spotted a pangolin during our 2019 visit. We left Londolozi and went to Tswalu Kalahari where the pangolin and aardvark were plentiful. They are amazing!
Keep that wild dog den in sight for us when we get there mid-July. We have not seen wild dog cubs previously. Are they as playful as hyena cubs?

Thanks so much, Vin, yes I do remember that Pangolin sighting, they are such amazing animals to see. We will follow the wild dog den and their pups very closely, hoping to update everyone as and when we can. The pups can every playful but not as confident and inquisitive as hyena cubs.

What is the name of the bird vocalizing at the beginning of the video?

Hi Stephen, it is a Cape Turtle Dove calling in the beginning.

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