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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Guy Brunskill

Alumni Ranger

Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on Three Cheetah vs A Male Leopard

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My favourite predators… cheetah and leopard. I’m so relieved they were unscathed! Is there a cheetah mum with cubs?

Shew, what a sighting!!!

That must have been incredible to see
so glad the cheetahs escaped!!! Victoria

Very very glad that the cheetahs were quick to get away from Kunyuma! Love both of these cats but I am always rooting for the cheetahs!

So privileged to have been these guests! What an incredible, heart-stopping experience!

Incredible experience. Surprised to learn that the leopard initially can compete with a cheetah’s burst of speed.

What a remarkable afternoon Guy !! That last photo of the Senegal Bush male says it all. His facial expression certainly reveals his distaste for the cheetahs and what a look of ‘don’t mess with me’ !!!!!!💕. Yet another one of those events I’m sure you will put to the top of your list and remember forever.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful update on Senegal Bush in an amazing sighting with the 3 Cheetah. It is always a privilege to follow a leopard though his life. Kunyuma/Senegal Bush is very special to a lot of us. Thank you for sharing

Great post and accompanying photos. Loved the sense of speed conveyed in the Senegal bush male on the chase!

Wow!) Did you manage to make a crazy video?

Unfortunately not, we were all so engrossed in what was happening I forgot to film it.

Master Tracker

Amazing sighting

What a fantastic sighting for you and your lucky guests! I’m not surprised the cheetahs backed off – back in October ’18 (actually on my 100th Londo game drive!) we saw 3 cheetah relaxing on a termite mound, again 1 female and 2 sub-adult cubs. We sat with them for some time – then 1 started staring into the distance, followed by the other 2. They rapidly shot off in the opposite direction. We followed their line of sight and found Mashaba resting up.

What an exciting afternoon! Seeing the three cheetahs is already an incredible bonus, not to speak of this encounter with a leopard and the chase. I am so glad nothing really bad happened to this little cheetah family.

I couldn’t help but think of a game children play called king of the hill. On that day, the Sengal male claimed his authority of that mound and all the others in his territory as well. Thanks for sharing that interaction.

Guy, leoards🤗

Guy, leopards🤗

What an insane sighting. Glad you were able to get some great photos.

Senior Digital Ranger

Guy! .. The picture of the two Cheetah’s atop the termite mound is precious! You all had a very “opportune day!”

Wow, that was exciting just to read, so I can imagine how incredible it was to see. Thanks for the report.

Wow what a sighting that must of been. Very glad the Senegal bush male leopard did not harm the Cheetahs at all. I can just imagine you and your guests must of held your breath for that moment the Senegal bush male charged the Cheetahs. How exciting and exilirating those few minutes were.

Guy, You have an amazing knack of finding these amazing encounters! The Adrenalin must have been flowing big time! We love the shot of the Senegal in motion – super cool! Thanks again for another great post!

Dear Guy. That was so exciting to read and must have been nerve wracking to watch! Thanks so much for this glimpse into the lives of all four animals! I would have also been on the edge of my seat! Wendy M

What an incredible scene to witness!… it could have ended in tragedy … has to expect the unexpected in Africa that’s for sure!….life can hang in the balance within seconds!….so relieved that the mother cheetah and her cubs are unharmed…..phew!!


Great story Guy, wish we were there to see that. Surprised the cheetah stayed around to hassle the leopard!!!

Good to see the mother and sons are still around. We saw them earlier this year.
Are there many other cheetahs in the Londolozi area?

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