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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #62

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Wonderful tracking safari today.

James,Keep me them🤗

Hi … my what a suspance! The cheetah mum has been incredibly quick to escape. Such precious animals I’m so glad to see them! They made my day. There’s always something special in Londolozi. Also the Tsalala lioness in a magical nightly atmosphere

Once again, the tremendous athleticism of the cheetah. That leap was incredible–as was the photographer catching it!

Loved the cheetah footage!

It was a pity the Ximungwe female could not be found, but the footage on the female cheetah and her 2 adult cubs were very intense especially there by the water hole. So glad she could get away quickly and lead her cubs away to the airstrip where we could see them so clearly, absolutely beautiful. When tracking on foot for a leopard, it is very exciting for us to see and learn. Good video thanks Sean and James. Is James still going out guiding, or is he busy with media and photographic hub most of the time.

What an exciting week Sean 💕🙏🏻Wonderful to see the Tsalala lioness looking so well..do hope she is pregnant!!! How incredible for your guests to have witnessed the cheetah and her cubs but most of all., The near miss with the crocodile !! Spectacular.

The cheetah-croc near miss is just amazing and scary! And I sure hope that the Tsalala pride is safe and intact…..if there are only 2 lionesses, will one leave the other to go give birth, or will the young daughter stay nearby her mother?

We believe that the Tsalala pride is intact and well. I am sure when she gives birth she will separate herself away for a short while. It is also quite likely that the younger female will hang around nearby for the most part. It is not unusual for them to spend time apart now as there is only two of them.

Sean, Thanks for another set of awesome videos! No doubt the leopard/crocodile one is an all time classic!

Obviously we meant Cheetah! 😉

Hi Michael and Terri, happy you corrected that.

This week in Video is a Londolozi Cat Report, with all of my favorite characters that I have grown to know and catching up with what has been happening with them. Thanks 😊

It very much was a cat report. Glad we could keep you updated on them all.

Hi Sean! The Tsalala Lioness (seen on Dulini yesterday, two days now I suppose) also was seen mating with one of the Avoca Males on Mala Mala a few months ago as well, but only in one sighting I believe. If she is in fact pregnant, do you believe the Avocas could be a potential father(s) to her cubs in addition to the males you mentioned in the video?

Hi Michael, Thanks for the update on the Tsalala female, I am sure as an insurance policy she will try to mate with as many of the dominant males in the area, Birmingham males, Avoca males, and the Othawa male (previously). This helps convince them that they are in fact the fathers. There is some evidence that you can have different paternity within the same litter, however, I think that this would only really be the case if she was able to mate with the two different males in quick succession of each other. It is also a challenge to assign paternity to the cubs because of her mating with a number of males. We would need to send the scat of the cubs for a DNA analysis to be certain who is the father.

Excellent virtual safari! Loved the cheetah, crocodile interaction! WOW!

Thank you Darlene

Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Thank you Multa, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Another absolutely fantastic incident at Londolozi! hey, “your” animals are just amazing.
But I have a question: Did the crocodile hurt the cheetah in any way? I mean, was the cheetah injured?
Amazing jump that cheetah made.

Hi Christa, the cheetah got away without a scratch. The crocodile didn’t even touch her.

Wow Sean, this was truly the big cat episode! That footage of the cheetah/crocodile was absolutely crackers. I’m sure it will be viewed by thousands of people, and more than once by people like me. Hopefully Tsalala will be pregnant, adding to her future pride. Her daughter should be coming of age soon and could also grow this pride of two.
On a different note, I’m ready to submit the “MWIP” blog as suggested by Guy and James Souchon. What email should I use?

Thank you Denise, the video of the cheetah and the crocodile is definitely making its way around. We are speculating that she is pregnant, there are no clear signs yet but it is very likely that she is and so we wait patiently until we can be sure.

Please email it to blog@londolozi.co.za.Thank you

Digital Tracker

Awesome video footage of the cheetah! Thanks guys!

Some incredible footage there!!!

Wow, such awesome video footage this week!! I love all the tracking content, even though they didn’t find the leopard – so informative! But those cheetahs were amazing. That encounter with the croc was INSANE, and a great video capture!! Well done James and Sean!!!

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