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Nick was a ranger at Londolozi from 2018 - 2022. He always had a love for nature. Growing up in Johannesburg, the annual family trip to the bush (particularly the Kruger Lowveld region of South Africa) became an escape from city life. When ...

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on The Week in Pictures #493

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Great photos, Nick. Like the one with the wild dogs on the sandbanks especially.

Thanks, it’s one of my favourites too!

Master Tracker

TWIP one of the best bits of the week, from a dreary , wet and fed up UK a reminder there is a vibrant , colourful world out there

So many gorgeous pictures… thank you again for another interesting article

Lovely TWIP, Nick. The 2 sightings I’m most excited by are the Ndzanzeni cubs (at last – some photos of them!) and 2ndly – Alfie! Please say hello from me and hope he’s well. Are all the rangers back at Londo now? – hopefully the guests are gradually returning and can’t wait to join them once we’re allowed!

Hello Suzanne, I will certainly send your regards to Alfie. yes, everyone is back at the lodge and it is business as usual.

Beautiful photos! Nice summary of the week in pictures! 👍👍👍

Nick, Wow, what a great set of images! We added a few to our favorites! The images of the monkeys and the wild dogs are really special, and the lioness close-up and lizard against the leadwood tree are pretty amazing! Thanks as always!

Hi Nick this week the photos are more spectacular than ever! I love all, especially the butterfly the lone klipspringer that looks frail but on the top of the world and the animals in water, the old lion more powerful than ever and the eye od the lioness; the leopard’s tail the proud wildebeest and impala ram. But none can be like leopard cubs.. they are so expressive wonderful adorable

Thanks! I loved the leopard cubs as well

Nick, loved leopards🤗

Nick, leopard🤗

Interesting photo of the tusks in the warthog’s lower jaw.

Yet another fabulous group of photos Nick 💕 Love the coloring on the old Birmingham male and the exquisite setting with the Wild dogs most of all. ‼️🙏🏻

Outstanding foto’s Nick this week, thank you. That tree agama blends so well on the leadwood tree. Loved the leopard cubs, so precious and full of inquisitive ideas. Beautiful elephants and calf. My favourite leopard the Flat rock male, so majestic. Warthog face expression very impressive. Oh that eye of the lioness, quite scarry, but in the same time astounding.

Stunning images each and every one. Particularly loved the leopard cubs, such elusive animals. Also the lions eye in close up is just amazing, the Impala and Klipspringer images as well. Most interesting and informative, thank you so much.

Senior Digital Ranger

Now that’s what you call a collection of real life captures sharing a fun filled and exciting Safari!

Nice you and your guests enjoyed a great week of viewing!

Hello Nick, Fantastique pictures! I especially liked the one with the wild dogs! But there were many artistic masterpices there! Thank you for sharing!

You were able to capture a variety of animals in your area. The cutest is the adorable leopard cub. My personal favorite are two, the eye of the lioness and the lion.

Digital Tracker

Absolutely beautiful pics this week!!! Love the wildebeest, the leopard cub and the monkeys in particular. So great!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I appreciate the variety of animals featured this week. It’s a great reminder there’s so much more to Londolozi than leopards and lions (not that I’m complaining – who doesn’t love the big cats?). As someone who lives in a part of the world where the most exotic animal is the equivalent of an impala (so not very exciting) I always enjoy the less familiar critters.

Hi Chelsea, I agree – it is great to appreciate all of the different animals that one can find in the bush!

Thanks so much Nick for these just gorgeous pics of the week…..enjoyed everyone of them….each one is special….

Not fair! Too many good ones (I had to add so many to my favorites!)! I especially loved the head on shots of the sometimes under appreciated critters – like zebra and warthog, young monkey and hippo – and the lioness eye.

Beautiful…..love seeing the cubbies and Flat Rock doing his patrol!

Beautiful photos. Loved the colors in the hippo pic. Nice composition of the vervet monkey photo. And the curious leopard cub photos are also quite special!

what a wonderfully diverse collection of all that is wonderful about Londolozi! From lion Cubs to hippos and what
a great pack of wild dogs! Thank you. Victoria

A wonderfully diverse week of photos Nick. Keep them coming!!

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