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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Nick Sims

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Nick was a ranger at Londolozi from 2018 - 2022. He always had a love for nature. Growing up in Johannesburg, the annual family trip to the bush (particularly the Kruger Lowveld region of South Africa) became an escape from city life. When ...

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on Senegal Bush Male Has a Close Call

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Nick, I loved leopard🤗, I loved lions🤗

Senior Digital Ranger

Interesting to reflect on how many brief, “hot” encounters like this we as humans have and their impact on our day. Perhaps just walking away in opposite directions is a good lesson.

So the Ottawa male could smell the leopard from a distance and went running down the road in that direction…? That in itself is amazing!

It was amazing to see how the lion’s behaviour changed so quickly, it goes to show how good their sense of smell really is!

I bet that was intense for all involved. Glad the SBM was unharmed.

Wonderful big cats! What a fright the Senegal Bush male must have had! Thank goodness it went unscathed! I can’t stop admiring both

Has anyone witnessed a leopard/lion physical encounter?

Yes indeed, in fact rangers Josh Attenborough and Kirst Joscelyne witnessed a lioness climb a tree in an attempt to steal a kill from a leopard a few days ago. The video is up on the Londolozi Instagram page.

Thank heavens there was a tree close enough and tall enough (don’t want to see any more leopards making Piva’s mistake). Guess you’ll never know if it was the Senegal Bush male he scented, or something else in the vicinity.

Hi Nick. You really had a feline morning, didn’t you with the rushing around of two different big cats, the Senegal Bush Male up a tree – and the Othawa Male marching along determinedly in a strange area. Incidentally, the Senegal male is peering out of his tree and his right eye is definitely squinting. Was it ever injured before this? Wendy M

Hi Wendy, he did appear to have an small cut on his shoulder which may have been acquired during a hunt however he is in good health and is not showing any signs of discomfort.

Master Tracker

So pleased the SBM survived, as for the Othawa male, one single lion will come up against a coalition at some time, but in the mean time he must be a magnificent sight

Both, the Othawa lion and the Senegal leopard are such magnificent animals. I am glad that this encounter didn‘t do any harm to any of them apart from the fright the leopard got. It‘s so wonderful that we can watch these animals, if not personally, at least through your eyes and lenses.

suspect all involved needed a soother after that encounter!! Victoria

We sure did!

Wow that had to be intense, Othawa male has become a gorgeous lion. Glad the leopard was ok

What a great sighting and I’m sure your heart was beating in your throat when the Othawa male lion chased the Senegal bush male up the tree. Just think what could have happened if the Senegal bush male could not get up that tree fast enough. Very glad not one of them got injured or killed. They both live one more day and keep surviving the wild. Both are majestic cats and I love them both.

Senior Digital Ranger

First look at the Othawa male,.. He looks like an elderly man who has been “worked” through out his life. If he could speak, I’m sure he’d have plenty to share with you about his travels and adventures. (The thought and scene from the movie “Grand Canyon” comes to mind, when Danny Glover says “Man my old man look like an 88 year old piece of luggage who had been run over 10,000 times but he keep on with his life.” – That analogy speaks similarly to the Othawa male.
As for the Senagal Bush Male,.. He looks to be saying,..”Yah, That’s right! You keep headed on your way buddy,.. This is MY TURF!”
(It’s so interesting to see the facial distinctions between the male lion verses the female, as likewise that of the Leopards. – The females look so “Feminine and girly, yet tough, .. while the males look so worn upon their life challenges. – It is very true, that as humans, our lives are quite a contrast to that of the animals having to survive in the Bush! – (I tend to feel like an 88 year old piece of luggage that’s been run over a 100 times. On the other side of the spectrum, .. The “Tiger” (that I am by Chinese zodiac), .. My interior self has the fierceness of a Lion/Lioness that you don’t want to mess with. The exterior mode of me doesn’t dare to exhibit that nature of being.
– By contrast (to the lions in the bush), .. I would say having to fend for oneself while keeping ground to maintain one’s territory, whilst having to go out and hunt in the wild for food is a brutal task (added to adventure) blended into their life’s journey. At least Lions don’t have to worry about having enough money in their checking account to pay for food at the grocery store, nor do lions have to stand in line at food banks to get food. Humans DO have to make a jaunt from place to place to get enough food to survive for a couple of weeks, but at least we don’t have to go out at night (or even during the day to make a kill.)
It is very true, .. “How life can change in an instant.” (Danny Glover mentions this as well.) – At least our hardships are predominantly dealt with within our living environment, or working environment within our relationships (while some situations are dealt with out in the streets). But!!, .. NOTHING in comparison to what wild animals face in their daily struggles for survival.

It is truly amazing that these animals survive (and thrive) in such challenging conditions!

My favourite lion menacing my favourite leopard… Stay safe, we need both of you…

What a treat, to see two different species face off but leave with no physical harm to either. Animal encounters are extraordinary . Thank you Nick.

I can imagine how thankful the SBM was to be up in a tree, whilst staring at the Othawa male. Each day delivers a new sighting and adventure for all of you sharing the bush v

Senior Digital Ranger

Just Wow!! Wish I was there!

Sheesh, Kunyuma. Gotta watch out for those lions!

Digital Tracker

Wow, that would’ve been intense! Glad the leopard came out of that one unscathed!

Digital Tracker

Absolutely beautiful pics of both these gorgeous cats! Just beautiful!

Nick, Thanks for the really great update. It’s true, you never know what you’re gonna find around the corner at Londolozi so much amazing wildlife so at home there!

Pleasure! I hope you’re keeping well

Thank god this wasn’t a video. I probably would have had a heart attack. Thanks Nick!

Gosh Nick, this seems to be becoming a regular occurrence !! What with Plaque Rock being attacked up a tree by Ntsevu just a few days ago and now an out of the blue attack on the Senegal Bush male by Ottawa. Why this rather odd behavior it common ? I have never heard of this or witnessed anything like this before and these two all within a week. I would be interested to know more on this subject 🙏🏻

Hi Cally, this kind of behaviour is more common than most people realise. We often see evidence of leopards avoiding lions and lions sniffing around area where leopards have had their kills. Personally, I have witnessed lions chasing leopards a couple of times and the same can be said for a few other rangers too. Fortunately the leopards tend to escape unharmed most of the time.

Thank s Nick! Well I will look forward to witnessing this myself one day…as long as the outcome is a good one for all involved 😁🙏🏻

Wow, what a quick and intense encounter! Glad for the Senegal Bush Male that it all ended well!!!

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