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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Dan developed his love for the African bush whilst growing up on a family run farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands. Growing up in the bushveld he was surrounded by wildlife and finds his passion in what nature has to offer. After completing ...

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on Following the Nkoveni Female Leopard

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Master Tracker

Super sighting for the lucky guests

Lovely Knoveni female! She’s gorgeous and how interesting the details about animal silent communication. How they understand each other so well! Do you have any recent news on the Mashaba female?

Hi Francesca. The Mashaba female is well and healthy as of late. She has recently been seen mating with the Senegal Bush male.

Lovely leopard portrait!

Dan, I loved leopards🤗

Beautiful pictures. Following a leopard is always the cherry on the icing on the cake. I hope that one day we will see her cubs as well and grown up as the one in the picture.

Hi Christa. Yes, we all holding thumbs!!

Senior Digital Ranger

What an essay! A++!! – Every detail of your travels for the day amidst the Londolozi environment and the ways of the Nkoveni Leopard can be digested and absorbed and experienced without even being there! The Nkoveni Leopard sounds like a maternal “Cutie!”

Hi. Thank you for your comment. Yes, you’re right about her!

Great morning!! Always so great to see even one of the gorgeous leopards ! Victoria

I look forward to seeing a future blog post about her new cubs! We saw Plaque Rock in Aug 2019 but never met her mama.

The Nkoveni female is a beautiful leopardess. It will be exciting to see and follow her with the cubs in the future.

It’s a very exciting future coming up, Linda!

What a fantastic morning you shared with your guests. Hopefully Nkoveni will return from her den in Mala Mala to present her cubs to all of you.

Digital Tracker

Sounds like a beautiful morning!

She is my favourite.
The daughter she had with the Flat Rock male is awesome! I often watch the videos with her from various sources. Now I wish these two small cubbies to make it to adulthood. Nice story.

Hi Kirill, thanks for your comment.

Dan the Nkoveni female is Mashaba’s daughter if I remember correctly. She is beautiful just like het mother. Hopefully soon we will be seeing her cubs.

Hi Valmai. Yes you are correct!

Thanks, Dan. Very interesting article after the “lion” escapade previously. Do hope the babies will be seen soon! Wendy M

The perfect way to start a day Dan, very special indeed for you and your guests. I’m sure it won’t be long before you get a glimpse of the cub/s 🙏🏻💕

Hi Cally. Thanks for the comment. I’m sure it’s coming soon…

Great to hear all her news and lovely photos too.


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