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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on The Week the Lions Returned

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Wow! It took my breath away from the beginning to the end! Excellent report on lion’s behaviour and it’s a relief to know that the Tsalala are fine

Plains Camp males for sure

Kyle, I loved the lions🤗

What a wonderful article, had me on the edge of my seat.. Thank you
I wonder, is there a map somewhere I could look at, showing where these different prides
territories are, to get a sense of some of these awesome stories are about? I’m an avid fan of Africam and watch their cams everyday, we saw lioness’s on Tau last night and last week there was a male who visited the NKorho pan a couple times, that no one has identified who he is or belongs too.. Thank you

Senior Digital Ranger

Just Wow!! Truly exciting to live the lion interactions vicariously with your apt descriptions! Appreciate the share and photos.

Yes Kyle, you certainly can count yourself as fortunate – what incredible sightings you had! I’m thrilled to hear Tsalala and her cub are still fine. And as for lions roaring, your word “primal” sums it up totally. I’m remembering right now the evening game drive where we sat in the vehicle with 3 of the Majingilane males just feet away, 1 to our left, 1 to the right and the other just in front. Darkness had fallen, and as one started roaring, Sandros turned our lights off, then the other 2 joined in. We will remember that experience as long as we live – thank you, Sandros!

What a really exciting week of sightings of lions. Lions roaring next to one’s vehicle is such an awe inspiring spectacle Wish I had been there, though the sightings we had of lions two weeks ago were also amazing, including the roaring part.

Senior Digital Ranger

I’m so pleased to hear that the Tsalala pride has been found. I pray for this pride constantly. They are amazing. I’m still rooting for the Birmingham males too.

WoW!!!!! The Lions are my FAVORITE!!!!! I am wondering tho……The sinle lioness that has 2 cubs which I am thinking is the ONLY TSALALA left since the daughter apparently passed…. Still young Just not sure what happened to her!!!! Does ANYONE know WHO THESE 2 CUBS BELONG TO?????? Thank-You!!!!! I ALWAYS LOVE THE LION UPDATES!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy that the Tsalala’s are still around & alive! now that is a story. Thanks Kyle.

Great report and fantastic to see that the lion soap opera and dynamics are revving up!

WOW! In for some interesting dynamics pretty soon, I think………………….

Wow, wow, wow! What an exciting time! Sure wish we could have heard those four males all roaring at the same time! We have heard two, but not four and yes, you ‘feel it to the bone’! Love it! Great job reporting!

Senior Digital Ranger

Please look after the two Tsalala girls they need a little help At least till a male joins them

What a great week of lion viewing Kyle. I have to say though to have you mention that the Tsalala female and her now larger than life cub have been seen….and are doing well….pleased me more than anything 🙏🏻💗. The males will certainly sort themselves out in time but these two hold a special place in my heart !

Great job Kyle. So what was the total number of adults and cubs that the team counted during the week?

Great write up, interesting times, thank you! Miss being able to be in our happy place! Hope you are all well.

Senior Digital Ranger

When I look at the Ottowa Male yawning, I’d be more inclined to jokingly quote him as saying,..”Look Ma! I have no cavities! .. So what’s on the menu for dinner?” ( 🙂 ) –
My second thought is, .. when I look at the lions upon their present ages, it amazes me to think that they were once little cubs! Just looking at their skulls makes me wonder how their bone structure grows to be what it is! (it’s quite a contrast from the reality of domesticated cats. As it is said, the most sensitive place on a domesticated cat’s body is their head. if you thump the top of their little head, it’s quite painful to a cat. – Whereas with a Lion, it is said that they actually don’t have very big brains inside their skull. They follow their “instincts” to survive. Once again, when I think about the contrast within the bone structure of a domesticated cat versus that of a Lion out in the wild,.. both species are said to be very flexible and resilient. .. It just breaks my heart though, to see how much Lions go through during their life to survive. You can actually see it in their faces and fur. If you think about it,.. Lions are quite the “role models” for us humans.
(BTW, the capture of the Lion nipping his pal’s rump is precious. The look (expression) in it’s eye’s is so “loving” and playful. (Do you think Kyle, that Lion’s feel “love,” or do they have “emotions?”) There has to be “Something” there within them, upon being able to capture that on film! – It might “be” their special adolescent play and development, but I wonder!! – Lions are “Rough, Tough Muff’s, but they are still sentient animals! Yes?? ..

Senior Digital Ranger

BTW, seeing the Lions out in the sunshine gives a feeling of relief amidst having to consider the hardships they go through to survive. – To the human mind, seeing them get to have “SOME” sense of “Bliss” (??) is stark, (and surely an understatement) whilst wonderful being able to capture them raw, in the wild as they are amidst their behaviors.

Hey there! The 2 unidentified males are the 2 Plains Camp young males since the 2 Sand River males have been spending their time in Kruger lately. The Nkuhuma and Styx young males are well over 3.5 years old, with Nkuhuma being born in May 2016 and the Styx male born in very early 2017

Hi man.

You are fully correct. But the styx male was born.in sept/oct 2016 and was the only one from 2016 litter to survive the mange outbreak.

Wow, Kyle. That definitely was a week in sightings, especially the foursome in the clearing. Fortunately I watched the Othawa on the prowl, one of the Birmingham males checking his territory and then the Avoca male relaxing with his ladies in and around the Manyeleti River bed, but from what you’ve reported, the lion sightings are only going to get better.

That was rather riveting, if I’m being honest. How exciting!

The pictures of the lions are truly beautiful , thanks.

OMGosh how incredibly exciting. Hold your breath kind of exciting. And thank you for the update on the Tsalala pride. I watch daily for news of these females!

you are indeed fortunate to mi e at Londolozi and experience wonderful things every day!! ThNk you for sharing! Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow! A cacophony of lion roars! So special.. I am partial to all of these boys for different reason. Birminghams have always been my #2 after the Matimbas. Othawa is gorgeous like his Maginjilane father and the Styx and Nkuhuma boys we watched grow up on the live drives.. it will be interesting to see what the future holds for all of them. Thank you for sharing

Digital Tracker

What a great article Kyle! So interesting! Thanks for sharing, so well written too!

Very well written, Kyle! A really active time with all the various Lions at Londolozi. Enjoyed it all. Wendy M

Hi Kyle, they are the Plains Camp Males with the Nkuhuma and Styx Males (born in Late May-early June and Sept-Oct 2916, respectively

So well written and thanks for sharing all the information about lions

I have been betting on the Avoca to ascend to a more dominating role!
(Please say hello to Joy from me. Hope to see him in July!)

Wow Kyle!! A gripping account of a phenomenal week of lion viewing! It will be very interesting to see how all this progresses!!

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