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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #58

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So exciting and fascinating , all those actions of the leopards. Great video .

What a way to start and finish the weekly video! – well worth waiting for. Nice to see Shadrack as well.

James keep them coming🤗

I love those little cubs. Just the idea that all the spots are there but just tiny…….. Too sweet!!

great tracking today

Another great video!! Many thanks

Every day you show us something amazing. Thank you James and everyone else at Londolozi for keeping us so engaged. My wife and I look forward to the time when we are no longer arm chair safari adventurers and can join you in person.

Senior Digital Ranger

Okay, .. dumb question, James: .. How far in “distance” (or should I say “meters”) are you when you take pictures and videos of the Leopards ( and the other animals). – I find it so amazing to see how “Up-close” your captures are, not to mention the sounds that you are able to hear and add to your video! You all are so calm in the process of things! If it were me, my heart would be in my stomach thumping so loud that the Leopards would be able to hear and feel me!

It very much depends on the sighting, and the distance often determines the lens we will want to use.
Having said that, sometimes the leopards walk right past the vehicle, other times they can be some distance away, as in the Mawelawela male sighting from a week ago…

Senior Digital Ranger

Once again, I find it so amazing to see how “Tame” the Leopards and Lionesses can be towards you all (especially when they saunter past the LandRover!) It’s almost surreal, as if you’re at an amusement park! – The concept of the variety of lenses that captures “life” in real motion without missing a beat or step is also profound.
From far away, your pictures and videos bring your audience right into the present as if you’re there, (yet sadly not. – A true “Treasure Bucket list” Hope for the future for sure!)

Loved seeing the Ximungwe female and her cub! Thanks for sharing the week with us!

What a sighting that was to see the Ximungwe female and her cub, after you James and other Rangers and Shadrack tracked her again. To precious for words that little cub. She is very clever to be mating with the Senegal bush male in order to keep this little cub safe. Wow that elephant destroyed that tree and it is a pity. Beautiful video thanks James.

beautiful video of Leopards! Also audible as they roar clearly which is not so easy to hear… cubs are always the ice on the cake I’ll share the video with friends

Oh no, just when we finally saw the cub, tbc! That’s one method to insure continued high ratings. Fantastic video thanks to superb teamwork.

So interesting that the Xmungwe female is mating with the Senegal bush male whilst she has a cub. I get the fact that she is safe guarding her cub, but I didn’t realize that she could come into oestrous without not having lost her cub first, surely, he too would realize that she had suckle marks…..smell them and not be interested. If you get a moment I would be interested to learn more..thanks James. A great week to mull over and rewatch several times 🙏🏻👌🏻💕

James I watch all your videos from far away and I think you should publish a book with all those crazy leopard stories. That will be mindblowing. I never thought leopards could be that social, for instance. Kunyuma is a very special character too. It looked like Ximhungwe tried to calm him down while in the tree! His growls were fantastic. Thanks for the video!

Wonderful sighting! so special to see mom and little one together

Incredible video, and the final tease…!!!

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