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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on A 12 Day Safari in Pictures

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WOW! Amazing!

I was struck by the Senegal Bush male’s eyes and the lion’s as well. The difference between the Ntsevu lioness expression and the Othawa male says it all. Anyway leopards are number one when it comes to eyes close-up. I think the Othawa male is the most beautiful one in the area he’s gorgeous

sounds heavenly! in the 6 visits we have made to Londolozi I always feel we have not stated long enough! what a wonderful experience and thank you for the wonderful photographs! Victoria

That is fantastic that your guests could stay longer and see so much more of Londolozi and all the animals. They were so lucky to see 11 different leopards and the diffrrent lion prides. Not to talk about the wild dogs and other animals. All the foto’s are absolutely beautiful, I’m sure your guests thoroughly enjoyed the different sightings and longer stay at Londolozi.

Actually meeting this week to discuss this possibility!

Chris, I loved all the leopards, and the lion🤗

Some lovely photos for sure!


So would I again .. Thanks Chris for the beautiful photos and this great “Tale of 12 Days”! They were the most wonderful 12 days I could ever have imagined. And the hospitality of Londolozi cannot be beaten. Great drives, wonderful food, relaxing periods of rest between drives, enjoying the pool and my lovely treehouse and all the nice surprises and extras. Thanks to all of you again!

We couldn’t agree more! Our last two visits have been more than a week long and our next one will be 14 nights. We’ve visited lodges all over southern and Eastern Africa but now prefer where everything is best – wildlife viewing, knowledgeable rangers and trackers, superb accommodations, excellent food, staff friendliness – Londolozi!

Mary Beth, I enjoyed a fantastic 7 nights there and have been back in the East Bay for a week, wishing it was twice as long-next time! Enjoy your stay.

I concur-long stays are definitely the best way to enjoy one’s safari experience. I only wish I’d had 2 weeks instead of one as I was just getting into the rhythm.

Especially love the close-ups. We still hope to come in November, covid willing.

Lucky Christa! – and lovely photos, Chris; I’ve added lots of them to my “favourites.” As you say, it’s very strange that Nhlanguleni should be mating when she’s got cubs. Is the Senegal Bush male the likely father of her cubs? – but that would seem pointless.

I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, Suzanne.
Given that the Nhlanguleni female was going out of her way to mate with the Senegal Bush male despite already having birthed cubs indicates that he is unlikely the father and that she is in fact distracting him and fooling him into thinking he is, should he encounter them later on. Female leopards have been known to do this ‘distraction mating’ before but it seldom lasts longer than a day or two at the most.

That’s interesting Chris, I did wonder about that. I don’t know how much concept of time leopards have, but let’s hope he doesn’t bump into those cubs too soon – he might think “well that was a bit quick!”

The longest stay I’ve managed was 10 nights and I loved every minute of it. Fingers crossed I’ll be back for 6 nights in October🤗

Wonderful pictures! Whatever happened to the one-earred female wild dog and her mate?

We haven’t had any further sign of that pack unfortunately. We suspect that they could have moved further east into the Kruger National Park and haven’t returned again. Given the fact that they were a pack of only two adults and several pups did make them very vulnerable though, so we hope for the best.

Some great shots Chris and a noteworthy explanation about the long stay safaris. That makes sense, especially for someone travelling internationally – can catch up with sleep and rest longer. I think that would add to the enjoyment of the safari. Thanks for sharing.

Wowza! What a fabulous trove of sightings and experiences! Cannot wait to hear about new cubbies for Xinzele and Nhulanguleni!

What a lovely safari!! Incredible sightings, I think there is a lot of people reading the blog with a bit of jealousy…..
Just one quick question. Do you know where the Ximungwe young male is? Haven’t seen a blog oor story about him for a while now.. And will his name stay the Ximungwe male or will he be renamed?

Hi Christiaan, apparently he moved north from Londolozi, although we haven’t heard of him in a few weeks. He may even have left the Sabi Sand Reserve entirely. Yes, he will probably be renamed…

Now this is for sure something spectacular. You guys had awesome sightings in this 12 days. You are lucky to could enjoy the bush for such an long time.

What envy reading and seeing all the wonderful game that Christa saw. How I wish I could have 12 days at fact more would be preferable 😁..but hey, maybe when we are ‘allowed out’ we might get to enjoy something as wonderful as this. Fabulous photos Chris 🙏🏻💕

Absolutely wonderful! What a joy for the rest of us to see! Such good pictures too. Thank you so much! We have so much enjoyed some of your 12 day stay, Christa! Wendy M

Senior Digital Ranger

What a wonderful blog filled with beautiful photos.. The Othawa Male sure is a gorgeous young male! Hope he stays safe. It is always a pleasure to see Senegal Bush/Kunyuma the older he gets the more he resembles Mvula.
Thank you for sharing your little piece of paradise

Lovely photographs to go with the story behind each photo. Very enjoyable.

The story behind each photo makes each photo most enjoyable. Thank you.

Stunning array of photos Chris! Would live to see a “sequel round” to this wonderfully long and in-depth safari!

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