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Jess was born in Kwazulu/Natal but grew up in Cape Town. Having an innate love for all things wild but getting to spend little time in the bush while growing up, she headed straight for the Lowveld after school. She completed a guiding ...

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on A Leopard Cub’s Adventure

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Master Tracker

A lovely sighting

Great pictures, Jess of this beautiful leopard cub. I love nearly all animals (mosquitoes and crocodiles as exceptions), however leopards are just the most beautiful ones.

Thanks, Christa! I agree leopards are beautiful!

Jess, I loved leopards🤗

That was a great insight to a leopard cubs morning while waiting for mom to come back. They are so beautiful and very inquisitive. At least the cub had some experience in stalking and although it did not catch the mongoose, it learnt valuable a lesson. Too precious for words.

I agree! These hunting attempts as a leopard cub will help them in the future!

Super great post Jess! Leopard cubs are a favourite subject for us and it is a very interesting matter also because they are intelligent and curious animals. The pictures are the top!

Watching leopard cubs acquire skills is so fascinating. One of our most memorable experiences was watching a young male leopard cub learn to climb a tree with his mother and sister watching. He quickly discovered that going up was the easy part!

Senior Digital Ranger

As a feline lover, I can’t help but see the aspects of a “Domesticated cat” (or kitten) in the Leopard cub. – These pictures of the Picadilly cub are PRECIOUS! – Being how HUGE her paws are, instinctively, I feel that the little one is going to grow up to be BIG and brave! She already is! (btw, .. The looks on the Mongoose critters faces is hysterical!)
The vividness of your pictures Jess, is spectacular! It made for a captivating presentation!

Thank you for this awesome blog. I love seeing new life and especially in my favorite type of animal. Leopards are so fascinating, like you said if they don’t want to be seen they won’t be seen. Always awesome to sit with a leopard and especially with some cubs.

Senior Digital Ranger

I love the fact the Mother Leopard in her absence provides escape routes and cover for her cub – just like a human Mother! Thank you Jess, your blogs always give us so much insight into the behaviour of animals and also trees and we will never forget our visit with you as our guide.

Thank you, Jennifer! I hope you are well! I really enjoyed our time together too.

Leopard cubbies = Magic! If one is lucky enough to keep a young cub company while Mama is away

What a great story Jess and a lesson in what a young cub gets up to👌🏻💕 thoroughly enjoyed it thanks 🙏🏻 😊

Thanks for this blog Jess. I’ve often wondered how cubs occupy their time when mom’s away, especially when they’re older. I imagined the little ones mainly slept, but as they grow, do they play or try to hunt and you’ve answered my question. Thx.

Thank you , Denise! Glad to have answered your question.

Hi Jess! Is the Piccadilly Female’s daughter more relaxed around the game drive vehicles or is she still skittish due to infrequent sightings in her younger months?

Hi Michael, she is still skittish but slowly becoming more relaxed. She was very relaxed in this sighting and we have seen her walk near the vehicle in another sighting without being too nervous.

Senior Digital Ranger

Kinda like magic! Now you see it … now you don’t….what a beautiful cub! Stunning actually… no fighting scares yet!

Senior Digital Ranger

This little cub will become a great hunter like her mother …. fantastic to see that instinct right from the start – like a kitten chasing shadows or a ball of wool. But for the little leopard these are valuable and important life-skills. Thank you for the photos Jess.

Great post and really cool pictures. A very intimate sighting indeed. Thanks Jess!

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