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on The Wisdom of Nature Through A Child’s Eyes

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Wonderful storie and what a precious little niece you have. There is nothing better than spending a few hours with a child outside. I was a day mother for 3 little girls and they all had beautiful personalities and were individually unique. The smallest one just wanted to play outside snd explore the sand, grass, insects. She would sit outside and watch the chickens, and their chicks. I had to catch a chick so she could hold it and kiss it. The shongalolo’s she picked up and put them down again so gently. The hoopoe hoopoe bird made a nest in my roof, we had to go and say hallo to hoopoe hoopoe a few times a day. She loved the rain, sun and clouds. We would lie on a blanket outside watching the clouds move. Children are precious, she also loved picking flowers and bringing them to me. Her laughter I will never forget, as she danced in the rain for me.

Dear Amanda thank you for the uplifting blog. The pictures are inspiring especially the butterfly it’s so beautiful

Amanda, I loved all the photos🤗

Amanda. your story about your niece reminded me of growing up and visiting the farming and ranching friends of my parents. Where I discovered my love and joy for nature and being connected to the land. The butterfly caught my eye with its many colors. Thanks!

So beautiful – so true!

A really nice blog Amanda. Children notice even the smallest thing that we, as adults, sometimes overlook. Sometimes I think we are too busy “living” and not taking time out to stop and smell the roses as it were. I, as an adult, do appreciate all the things that nature has to offer. I love to look up at the clouds – which people seldom do, or go out at night as look at the stars or moon. Your niece will likely grow up and follow in your footsteps. Thank you very much for sharing this story with us. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Amanda, finally a bit of time after Easter brunch and before my next drive, I was able to read your blog. You are so on target by stating that sometimes we need a jumpstart on seeing nature with fresh eyes by observing and listening to children who discover the wonders of nature in a fresh way. I find my senses have been enhanced to epic levels since I arrived in the bush, releasing a curiosity and greater appreciation for what exists around me. Thank you for the reminder to take a moment and experience once again that childhood bliss when finding a butterfly on a flower.

Just finished a week of family gathering with my tiny toddler grandson. Was such fun to spend time with him as he became fascinated by the wind rustling through the palm trees. Just mesmerized him completely! Love it!


Too true Amanda, there is nothing like seeing life through the eyes of a child 🙏🏻💗💗. Not only their curiosity towards nature but the wonderful way they show kindness to anyone and their honest open opinions.

Sometimes children a refresher lesson of things we’ve forgotten. Thanks for the sweet reminder!

Absolutely beautiful post Amanda, and I’m tearing up just thinking about the wonderful moments of seeing things through the eyes of my two children Now that they are both away at college, we don’t get out in nature as much as we did when they were little. Interestingly enough, however, I continue to learn as much from them by seeing the world through their eyes. And while not so much about nature, the topics and insights are as astonishing, meaningful and beautiful! Thanks again, and many return blessings!

Amanda, Thanks for the great post! We will remember your suggestions when we have our next visit with our grandchildren!

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