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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on The Week in Pictures #485

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Loved the buffalo bull photo and glad to see the Mashaba female. We haven’t heard much about her lately, given the plethora of leoprds being seen regularly.

Wonderful news, Chris. I was thinking about Makomsava and her cub the other day, how old would her cub be now?

Her cub would be about 6 months old now, Suzanne. We have only had one sighting of the Makovsava female in the last month or so but we did see tracks of what we presume to be her and her cub about a week ago. We think that she may be spending a bit more time further north of our northern boundary having been pushed out there by the Xinzele female.

Goodness what an exciting week !! Looking forward to more news about the leopard Cubs!! It is always fun to see elephants playing in the water and great to see all is well St Londolozi!! Thank you Victoria

Wonderful shot and comment on the buffalo bull!

nice beard, that dagga boy……………….. 🙂

Chris the scops owl is so beautiful with those huge eyes. Loved the mother rhino and calf, so good to seem them breeding. I am overwhelmed with joy to hear there are so many leopard cubs. Hope they all make it to adulthood. Even the Ntsevu lioness had 5 cubs,so good to hear that there are lion cubs as well as all the leopard cubs. Beautiful foto of the buffalo bull. Thanks for the foto of the Mashaba female, she is my favourite leopard. All round gorgeous foto’ of all the animals.

Such an incredible gallery!!

Chris, I loved all the lions

Fantastic photos!! I loved them all especially the leopard cubs but also the lions the rhinos the hippo the elephants and the lovely dragonflies. You were great to catch the pair! Looking forward to knowing more of the babies… Good luck to the mums!

Wow Chris, So many cubs to enjoy in the future!! Amazing reading about the Amur Falcon .. incredible the mileage some birds fly to nest, breed or feed 💓. We have many migrating birds that rest onboard our yacht when we are miles from land….some for a few hours, some to hide from other predators attacking them (witnessed off Cyprus enroute to Lebanon)., and some that will even stay a few days till they see land.

I found myself clicking almost all of these as favorites! Bravo! (And we do owe that buffalo something – all of us humans need to take better care of animals and the planet!)

So many leopards and so many cubbies! And I hope that the Styx and Nkuhuma boys will find their space to hold onto with their father(s) harassing them!

All in all, fantastic TWIP! Leopard cubs, lion cubs-what could be better….. although I’ll be there in a few days, I’m hoping finally I’ll fulfill my dream to view a leopard cub, at a safe distance. 🤞the elephant trunk detail was one of my favorites. See you soon!!

Have a wonderful visit, Denise! Sorry I’ll miss you this time…

Lovely photos! Absolutely love the dragon flies!!

Master Tracker

What super photos, the dragonflies, owl, buffalo, especially the hippo .

Loved ALL the pics! The dragonflies are beautiful! What a perfect shot. And I loved the chameleon shot. Wow, what a spot by Euce! The Scops owl was also impressive! The Lion dynamics continue to intrigue! Thanks for a great TWIP, Chris!

Some lovely photos. Thsnk you.

Some wonderful shots Chris. Brings back memories of our trip last February.

Meant to say last January, 2020.

Terrific week in photos Chris. As always, the diversity in subjects, settings, and composition are appreciated! Keep ‘em coming!

Hi Chris! Not sure if you are aware, but the Makhomsava Female has been seen north of Londolozi and was seen yesterday morning tailing the Tortoise Pan Male and Xidulu (daughter of the Ingrid Dam Female born in 2014) who are mating at the moment. She’s also been seen on her own and no sign of her cub with her.

Thanks so much for this update Michael. We had suspected that she was spending more time further north. We did have some tracks of a female leopard and a cub along our northern boundary about a week ago and presumed it was her and her cub but we could easily be mistaken! It will be a pity of she has lost her cub but such is the nature of being in a very competitive environment. Please let us know if you hear any further news with regards to her.

Hi Chris! A photographer who was in that sighting said that the Tortoise Pan Male was mating with both Makhomsava and Xidulu alternatively, not taking much of a break between each mating session.

A photographer who was in that sighting said that the Tortoise Pan Male was mating with both Makhomsava and Xidulu alternatively, not taking much of a break between each mating session.

Senior Digital Ranger

Fabulous photos! So many wonderful things to see! Hoping your back is better🙁didn’t know caterpillars bite… ouch

Thanks Barbi. My back is much better. They don’t actually bite but can leave tiny hairs behind that cause an itchy irritation to our skin – nothing too serious.

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