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Dan developed his love for the African bush whilst growing up on a family run farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands. Growing up in the bushveld he was surrounded by wildlife and finds his passion in what nature has to offer. After completing ...

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on Joining the Tracker Academy

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Thanks for a great story! What a pity for you that you couldn’t stay until the trackers found their ‘prey’.

Master Tracker

The skill of trackers never ceases to amaze me .

Total on the job training!

Well, I’m surprised to read it’s been quiet at the lodge, but fascinated by your day out with the tracking academy team. It’s still amazing to me how a well-trained tracker is able to identify what has passed through the bush when to the untrained eye a snapped twig is just that. Thanks Dan for giving credit to Innocent for teaching these students all they need to know to find employment after graduating, a precious commodity in these difficult times.

Hi Denise. They really are very good at what they do! Thanks for your comment.

I think that tracking is fascinating. Would love to participate in a tracking session some day!

Wonderful! I had the honour to go out with the Tracker Academy and Renias twice while at Londolozi. We were meters away from 3 rhinos! Then enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich breakfast with the guys. An unforgettable experience I will always treasure.

Must have been a really exiting morning.

Senior Digital Ranger

Tracking must be quite an art! I remember the guides talking about Innocent’s talents when we were at Londolozi. What is not mentioned/answered when tracking on foot is how do you know when to stop or slow down the pace and not walk blindly into the Lion or other animal being tracked? Are there visible signs, sounds, or a sixth sense to know when not to approach further? What is the possibility another predator is in the area? I recently read of a tracker being attacked and killed near the Marataba safari lodge in Limpopo while tracking hence the question.

Hi Camille. As the bush/path start getting thicker they’ll definitely slow down as-well as stopping every now and then taking time to listen to what “danger” may be up ahead. Listening to small animals alarming and birds such as Oxpeckers which may warn us about what’s coming ahead will also assist in the process of remaining safe. Be in tune and aware with ones surroundings is a very important element of being on foot in the bush.

Absolutely astounding how Innocent can tell what the lion was doing, by looking at the tracks and finding hair from his mane. Very interesting and it surely takes lots of patience, determination and skill to be able to track the animals. May the 10 new trackers be determined and endure this course, so that they can become master trackers like Innocent. Having a Master Tracker teaching them is a privilege, take the opportunity and make a difference.

Hi Valmai. It’s definitely takes hours upon hours of hard work and determination. Thanks for the comment.

How do people go about becoming a ranger or tracker. I have always wondered about it and would like to know more about the courses, how much it costs and where does one go to get started.

Dan, I loved all the lions🤗

The trackers at Londolozi are truly extraordinary ! we are always so surprised at how they can find an animal by just looking at a squished pile of grass or a few broken branches! congratulations to them all and thanks fir making our visit fabulous. ! Victoria

They are unbelievable. Thanks for the comment Victoria.

Bravo Innocent !

Hats off to Innocence and the trackers ‘following in his footsteps’
keeping the art of tracking alive. 🙏❤️

thanks for sharing. so nice to learn more about the trackers

thanks for sharing. so nice to learn more about the trackers; don’t think people always understand just how hard it is to track and find animals. the bush is definitely not a zoo, with animals just laying around the corner waiting to be seen. well done everyone!

I love these posts that include the Tracker Academy! Along with all the special knowledge shared, there is always a certain anticipation and excitement to see what happens! Thanks Dan!

They have an amazing skill. I am glad you had an awesome time.

The skill of trackers never ceases to amaze me .

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