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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on Summer’s Familiar Golden Glow

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Senior Digital Ranger

do you know that a cape has been made of the cobweb of the golden orb ?
Even a bullet proove vest has been made , but that with some manipulations of the web .
They are beautiful , but I’m very glad they stay mainly in their web 🙂

I had read about the bullet proof vest, but not a cape. Thats amazing! Biomimicry is an incredibly interesting field and if only we could harness some of the efficiencies that have been unveiled to us in nature, the world would be a better, more sustainable home for all!

Robert, I loved all the photos🤗

An amazing creation of Nature and informative and interesting too. I will never like any kind of spider or other Creepy Crawlies … except for the Lady Bug and the Praying Mantis ….The Lady Bug is sweet and darling and the Praying Mantis that I find in my garden and looking at me from my windows sometimes looks other worldly and if I am correct the females also enjoy a meal of the male as well ….wicked ….are sending a message???? LOL LOL…thanks for the blog .. as always spectacular scenery and tales from the wild.

Thats correct, certain species of praying mantises have been recorded to practice cannibalism during /after mating too. I’m glad you enjoyed the read!

Very interesting creatures. Thanks for your insight.

You’re welcome William, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Golden orb weavers have invaded one of the National Parks in South Carolina. They aren’t native, but have been around since the 1860’s (or so). We saw them on a kayaking tip through that park. They are both incredibly beautiful and a little terrifying due to the sheer number of them. The golden silk is a really interesting adaptation.

I wasn’t aware of that, thank you for sharing Chelsea!

Very interesting Robert, thanks! Great post

You’re welcome Francesca, I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

Fascinating blog Robert about one of the larger creepy crawlers. To see a perfectly constructed web by one of these spiders is awesome, but even better when there’s a spider in it with its prey. Nice photo James!

Thank you, Denise

Wow! I really love this post. The one thing I really miss about SA is the bugs. I remember when living on the West Rand on the outskirts of Joburg in a scruffy little thatched rondavel, at night I would turn off all the inside lights and leave the stoep light on. After an hour or so I would take my camera out and photograph the bugs. So colourful, so varied and always captivating. More posts on the weird and wonderful little critters would be so amazing, please.

I’m glad you enjoyed the read Tracey! The little insects of the night never cease to amaze me either.

Very interesting story about the golden orb-web spider and the way she creates the web. Scarry though and I am not one for the creepy crawlers. The shape of her body is fascinating and those very long legs are very long. Loved the foto of the abundance of water in the sand river. Good for nature and all living beings, creatures, animals.

Very interesting. Great photos of the spiders and a very impressive one of the flooded rive.

Thank you, Christa!

Absolutely fascinating!

Thanks for the interesting insights into the Golden Orb spider.

You’re welcome, Jasper!

A great read Robert. I remember these well from my childhood but never knew how the female positioned herself on her web ! Have you ever witnessed them mating or, more grotesquely, the male being eaten by a female ? Poor chap….certainly no gratitude there for helping ensure the species survives!

If I’m honest I have only read about this behaviour in the relevant literature, but I hope to see it play our in real life soon!

Really cool post Robert.While unnerving when discovered unexpectedly, spiders are one of nature’s great fascinating creatures. Your blog was interesting and informative. Thanks!

Thank you, Paul

I am not a huge fan of spiders because of being scared of them, but wow! The Golden Orb-Web spider is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed the read

Wow I am not a big fan of spiders because of my fright for them. But an Golden Orb – Web spider is really beautiful.

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